Xin Hua Through the Four Seasons Contest Results

Back in November, 2017, we reported on two contests being held simultaneously for Xin Hua, one of them being an album illustration contest entitled “心花四季 (Xin Hua Through the Four Seasons).” The contest concluded last month, and the results have been revealed!

Take a look at all the lovely entries below and read the comments made by judges from the Xin Hua Creatives Club.

First Prize

Prize: 5,000 yuan in cash

Artist: 云卷君 (Yun Juan Jun)

Season: Spring

Judge’s Comments:
“This entire work is wonderfully drawn with painstaking detail and superb composition, depicting a fairy tale world for Xin Hua filled with Wisteria flowers, colorful butterflies, little animals, and so much more. The whole picture almost feels like its pulsating with an enchanting melody.” Xin Hua Contest winner First Prize cropped

You can view the full image of this entry, its accompanying illustration, and alternate versions of both here.

Second Prize

Prize: 3,000 yuan in cash

Artist: 唯Tu (Wei Tu)

Season: Summer

Judge’s Comments:
“The concept of this artwork is beautiful, depicting Xin Hua as a young girl in the water with floating, silky hair, clad in a white dress with fish swimming around her. One can almost hear the gurgling sound of water when looking at this picture. This illustration also received the highest recognition from our song producers, giving them a lot of inspiration.”

Xin Hua Contest winner Second Prize cropped

You can view the full image of this entry and its accompanying illustration here.

Third Prize

Prize: 2,000 yuan in cash

Artist: 诗驯 (Shi Xun)

Season: Autumn

Judge’s Comments:
“With maple leaves as red as a February flower, this illustration can easily draw people into a brilliantly colored autumn day. Seeing Xin Hua clad in classical attire, time and space seem almost frozen in place in this drawing. The artist’s skills are truly astounding, earning them top honors as the most impressive work.” Xin Hua Contest winner Third Prize cropped

You can view the full image of this entry and its accompanying illustration here.

Honorable Mentions

Prize: 1,000 yuan in cash


Prize: 500 yuan’s worth of Xin Hua merchandise

You can find a full list of contest entries by clicking here.

Message from the Xin Hua Creatives Club

Finally, here’s a special message from the contest organizers from Xin Hua’s official Weibo:

“Feelings of the heart are like poetry, like flowers blooming through all four seasons.”

“Under the paintbrush of each artist, Xin Hua is depicted as having strolled through spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Since ancient times, people have said ‘Spring boasts a hundred flowers, while Autumn boasts the moon. Summer boasts a cool breeze, and Winter, the snow.’ As long as the heart is not weighed down by distractions, all human beings can enjoy the seasons. There is never a time in our lives when we’re not experiencing the cycle of the four seasons, and Xin Hua has guided us through each of them. This cycle of the four seasons is a treasure bestowed on us by Mother Nature, and it’s through this subtle cycling of the seasons that we can experience all the joys and sorrows of being human. However, this cycle is not the same for everyone, as each individual person’s four-season cycle comes with its own unique form of beauty, it’s own ‘Xin Hua Through the Four Seasons.’

“For the second Xin Hua original soundtrack illustration contest, here were the honored guests apart from the Xin Hua Creatives Club staff: the HinMeng admins, 纯白p (ChunbaiP), 坐标P (ZuobiaoP), 璃玖 (Li Jiu), 顾令 (Guling), 超人 (Chaoren), 影随龙风 (Yingsui Longfeng), 夥星P (HuoxingP), 胡多多 (Hu Duo Duo), 司鼓君 (Si Gu Jun), 玖玲P (JiulingP), yoyo幫尼 (yoyo BunNii), 敌门 (Demon), Digger, 时漪 (Shi Yi), 毛毛虫P (MaoMaoChongP), 楚轩 (Chu Xuan), 水螅 (Hydra), 砖厂浪人 (Zhuanchang Langren), 松冈凉 (Song Gang Liang), 心 (Xin), 颗粒 (Keli), 邇摩茶 (Er Mo Cha), and 观默 (Guanmo).”

Information Source

Announcement on Xin Hua’s official Weibo
HinMeng contest page

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