Snow Miku 2018 x TAKAHASHI GROUP Collaboration Announced

The Hokkaido-based entertainment enterprise, TAKAHASHI GROUP, has announced their latest special collaboration campaign with Snow Miku 2018 to take place at three of their karaoke franchises: Karaoke Uta-ya, Thriller Karaoke, and Kangoku Karaoke! The campaign will feature original designs for the six Crypton Future Media VOCALOID characters, and special collaboration goods and refreshments to be served at the karaoke parlors from January 15th through February 28th.

Main Visuals

The new character designs were created by Booota (ぶーた), and they follow the themes for each of TAKAHASHI GROUP’s karaoke franchises.

Miku and Luka: Karaoke Uta-ya, following a Far East theme
Rin and Len: Cat’s Eye, themed after cats
KAITO: Thriller Karaoke, following a horror theme
MEIKO: Kangoku Karaoke, following a prison theme

Collaboration Menu

Here are details on the food items that patrons will be able to purchase at the three karaoke franchise parlors during the collaboration period. Note that all prices are before tax.

Snow Miku❄Plate Set

For ¥3,500 JPY (about $30 USD), you get:
-A mini cake
-A plate decorated with the collaboration character designs, about 20 cm (roughly 8 in) in diameter
-A plate stand and a certificate with your own serial number

Note that these plates are limited to the first 500 patrons who purchase the plate set at each karaoke parlor, and are not for resale.


Snow Miku❄Chocolate Fries

Cost: ¥600 JPY (about $5 USD)
-Fries with two types of chocolate sauce, sweet and salty (customer to apply sauces at their own discretion)

Snow Miku❄Parfait

Cost: ¥600 JPY (about $5 USD)
-Ice cream with a biscuit, mini chocolate roll, and strawberry sauce

Snow Miku❄Baitang Ramen

Cost: ¥800 JPY (about $7 USD)
-Chicken baitang soup served with green onions and chashu (customer to add green onions at their own discretion)

Collaboration Goods

With each purchase of any of the above food items, patrons will also receive any one of the following collaboration goods of their choice. Note that they are available on a while-supplies-last basis, and are not for resale.

Ball pen
-1 pen, black ink

Cleaning Cloth
-1 cloth, perfect for glasses, smart phones, tablets, etc.

Clear File Folder Set
-2 folders, A4 size


Alongside their goods, patrons will also receive an entry ticket for the chance to be randomly selected to receive one of 10 framed illustrations of the main visual, autographed by the artist, Booota!

Snow Miku Room at Thriller Karaoke in Sapporo

Furthermore, the Thriller Karaoke parlor in Sapporo will be setting up their own special “Snow Miku Room.” The room will be available for access for ¥76 JPY (about $0.70 USD) for every 30 minutes. Students can also get a discounted price of just ¥50 JPY (about $0.45 USD) for every 30 minutes.

You can find directions to the parlor here. Reservations can be made by calling them at (+81) 011-219-8080.


Once in the Snow Miku Room, patrons will be able to order any of the special collaboration drinks from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm (JST) for ¥570 JPY (about $5 USD) each, plus tax.

Snow MikuSnow Float

Ice cream with biscuit and strawberry sauce topped with cocoa.

Snow MikuSnow Soda

Served with strawberry syrup and topped with cotton candy.

Snow MikuSnow Coffee

Espresso con panna with whipped cream and frozen strawberries aplenty.


Patrons who order any one of the above collaboration drinks will also randomly receive one of 7 different can badges for free, six of which feature a Cryton Future Media VOCALOID character, and one featuring a secret design.


Patrons who access the Snow Miku Room after 6:00 pm will not be able to order any of the collaboration drinks, but they will get the chance to receive something just as nice.

For ¥3900 JPY (about $35 USD), patrons in the Snow Miku Room will get all-you-can-drink-and-sing privileges for 1 hour, as well as a free wall clock! The clocks are about 25 cm (roughly 10 in) in diameter, and come in two designs. Patrons can choose which design they wish to receive.


Finally, from February 9th through the 12th only, patrons who access the Snow Miku Room at the Thriller Karaoke parlor in Sapporo will have the option to go with the “Complete Plan” for the room for ¥5000 JPY (about $44 USD).

With the Complete Plan, patrons will receive:

-1 wall clock with a design of their choice

-1 random can badge

-1 ball pen

-1 set of two clear file folders

-1 cleaning cloth

-1 hour of all-you-can-drink-and-sing priveleges

-1 extra special collaboration drink

As with any access to the Snow Miku Room, you must reserve in advance. Furthermore, the Complete Plan is limited to just 1 hour, and to parties of 2 or more patrons.

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Information Source

Official Snow Miku 2018 x TAKAHASHI GROUP Collaboration Site

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