Otomachi Una January News Roundup!

It’s time to head into the second month of 2018 with some Otomachi Una goodness! Towards the end of January, MTK revealed a second set of Una LINE stickers along with some new content for their Niconico Commons page!

LINE Stickers

For those who couldn’t get enough of the first set of LINE stickers starring the eel-themed VOCALOID, her second set, featuring Otomachi Una Talk Ex, is now available in the LINE Store for just $0.99 USD!

?【Announcement】Otomachi Una LINE sticker set 2 is here♪??
This time, it’s Una Talk who makes her debut♪є(๑☐ᴗ☐ก)э?✨
We hope you like them♪є(๑´◎`)๑_ _))ペコリ????‍♀️

Here is a look at all 40 stickers that you can get, along with some captions for those with text to give users a better idea of how each sticker can be used.

Once you’re convinced, click here to visit the purchase page!

Niconico Commons and Togetter Pages

Just before releasing the stickers, Una’s social media informed fans of other new Una content through their page on Togetter, a content curation site that’s popular in Japan. On this page, they collect Tweets and posts from their Niconico Commons page for content that fans can download for free and use for their Una videos!

This is Otomachi Una’s official page for distributing official artwork, video material, wallpapers, and motion-captured data! ♪є(。´・◎・)。´_ _)эペコリ

The page offers a plethora of goodies for video creators to use, both Una-related (such as motion capture) and general (like wallpapers). Here are a few highlights.

We’re distributing some motion capture data♪є(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)э?
[Mo-cap] Rolling and sitting with legs spread apart
[Mo-cap] Standing → Sitting cross-legged → Standing

We’ve added “Una on a train” official artwork and video! There’s also a background-only version! є(。´・ω・)。´_ _)эペコリ

Here’s the Spicy version of the content that we uploaded the other day є(。´・ω・)。´_ _)эペコリ
[Official] Una Spicy in a train
Illustration: commons.nicovideo.jp/material/nc143…
Video: commons.nicovideo.jp/material/nc143…

When we were making the models, this illustration was one of the top candidates ♪є(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)э??

Here’s another Halloween costume as a continuation of our last @otomachiuna illustration ♪є(灬╹ᴗ╹灬)э??

We’ve added 3 new pieces of content! ?? A Japanese-style video background and a New Years-esque border ♪?? We hope you enjoying using them ♪є(。・◎・)。_ _)эペコリ??

? We’ve added the TalkEx logo and video material!? Here’s a transparent version of the Talk? logo and several live stage ??‍? video loop??
We hope you enjoy using them ♪є(。・◎・)。_ _)эペコリ??

We’ve just now added some artwork, too! ✏? A chibi TalkEx ♪????? We hope you enjoy using her ♪є(。・◎・)。_ _)эペコリ??✨

“We want Otaman eyes and lips material!!To stick onto our helmets!///”
To this, we gladly oblige♪є(๑´◎`)๑_ _))ペコリ????‍♀️

This time, we’ve added some anime-like effects that appear as you see below ♪є(๑´ᴗ`๑)э??

And there is so much more! Head over the Otomachi Una Togetter and Niconico Commons pages to view all that they have!

Stay tuned to VNN for future updates on Una and others!

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