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New Official Xin Hua Artwork and v4 flower Voice Material Set from Gynoid!

Gynoid has recently released some exciting new content for fans of their VOCALOIDs, Xin Hua and v flower! Read on to find out more about these updates, and how you can acquire them yourself.

New Official Xin Hua Artwork

First, now up on Gynoid’s free downloads page are a pair of new official artwork for Xin Hua Japanese, which were drawn by the artist 推奨幻想 (Suisougensou). Unlike the box art design for Xin Hua Japanese (which is a recoloring of Xin Hua V3‘s design by VOFAN, and was previously used for her Cubase AI bundle pack), these new illustrations are all-original, and clad Xin Hua in an adorable new outfit. However, it retains enough elements from her original design – such as her twin tails, beret, and lifeline-like hairpiece – to still make her instantly recognizable as Xin Hua.

Like all other content distributed on Gynoid’s downloads page, these new illustrations are free to use for any non-commercial purpose. Those who wish to use them for commercial purposes must get permission from Gynoid.

Furthermore, Gynoid has stated that new illustrations like these will be released monthly as free material for VOCALOID creators to use in their songs and videos.

“I was given the honor of designing the new artwork for Gynoid’s Japanese VOCALOID, Xin Hua! I think I managed to draw her really cute, so I hope everyone likes her! ^^ http://gynoid.co.jp/news/view/56/

“[Update] Starting this month, we will be distributing new illustrations drawn by various artists for use as video material, all in support of VOCALOID creators. First up is a new Xin Hua design by 推奨幻想 ()! –

“A whole bunch of new official artwork is coming! Everyone give ’em a try! (I hear that an illustration of me is coming next month!、、、feelin’ anxious、、、!”

You can download and start using the new illustrations for Xin Hua Japanese here.

It seems like we can expect more free artwork in the coming months, so stay tuned for further updates!

v4 flower Voice Material Set

Secondly, Gynoid has released the v4 flower Voice Material Set, which contains various voice samples that can be used in VOCALOID songs, videos and more to further enhance your work.

“[Info from Gynoid] Starting today, we’ll be selling the “v4 flower Voice Material Set” which you can freely use with VOCALOID songs and other works! We’ve recorded close to 400 new voice files from her actual voice provider! A trial version is also available! – http://www. gynoid.co.jp/items/view/16

Even v flower herself was excited about the release of the voice material set! Check out her tweet below and see.

“Today, they’ve released the “Voice Material Pack” so that anyone can freely use my voice with VOCALOID songs! I did my best recording all the different lines, so please give it a try! – v4 flower Voice Material Set (complete pack) | Gynoid official store 

There are over 300 wav files included in the set (382 files to be exact!), including greetings, emotions, breath effects and more.

The different categories of voice material included in the set are listed below:

  1. Names: “flower” “VOCALOID” etc.
  2. Numbers: reading out numbers, countdowns etc.
  3. Alphabet: 2-pattern recordings of A to Z
  4. Greetings: “おはよう(Good morning)” “バイバイ (Bye bye)” “おやすみ (Good night)” etc.
  5. Replies: “はい (Yes)” “うん (Yeah)” “OK!”
  6. Kakegoe / Interludes: “いっくよー! (Let’s go!)” “はい! (Yes!)” “Go!”
  7. Emotion: “laughter” “crying” etc.
  8. Conversation: “好き (I like it)” “ダメだ~ (that’s no good)” “しょうがないな (it can’t be helped)”
  9. Other: “deep breathing” “coughing” etc.

The cost of the v4 flower Voice Material Set is ¥ 1,200 (approx. 11 USD), including tax.

There is also a free trial version of the voice material set available, which contains 16 files from the full version. You can download the trial version here, and you can purchase the full set here from the Gynoid online store.

Please note that the license for this product is only granted to the purchaser and that you are not allowed to upload, sell or distribute the audio on the internet in a form that can be ripped or downloaded as is.

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