New S.C.X Album “Reverberations 4” to be Released During Comiket 96!

The circle composed by Clean Tears and T-ism, named S.C.X, is going to release an amazing new album during Comic Market 96, titled “Reverberations 4“!

About the Album

We surely know very well S.C.X’s works, known to be an unmissable quality music creator for any vocaloid fans that loves Trance songs on their playlists! We also find guest artists such as kaito and 泡沫, alongside tak who provided this awesome cover art!

Each tune seems to light up not only Hatsune Miku‘s vocal, but also bring the listener a whole new sound to liven up their days! Let’s have a look at the album’s track list together!

Track list

  1. Intro – Reverberations 4
  2. Eidetic image
  3. Repeat
  4. Clarity
  5. To be style (Reverberations 4 Remix)
  6. Moment (Reverberations 4 Remix)
  7. Observer
  9. SAKURA (Reverberations 4 Remix)

Priced at 1,000 JPY during the event on August 12th and soon 1,200 JPY through various online shops, this album will make an awesome addition to your collection!

We will update the article once more information about online sales will be released, but in the meanwhile don’t forget to follow us on VNN for more content!

You can find more about Comic Market 96 on its official website
You can find Clean Tears (and S.C.X) on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, SoundCloud, Piapro and their website!
Official page of the album

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