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New VOCAMERICA Merchandise Available

VOCAMERICA made it’s second appearance in Europe at Japan Weekend last week, where new VOCAMERICA merchandise was available for purchase! From plushies to keychains, there’s a lot of new merchandise for VOCAMERICA fans to grab.


First, a new set of VOCAMERICA plushies were on sale, designed by YoiStyle and created by ArtesaniasIris. The VOCALOIDs included in this cute plush line-up are Avanna, DAINA and MAIKA.

Even if we do not have a booth at you can find these little dolls of   and  made by us and designed by at the booth. There are very few units of each so you should hurry! ;)

Keychains & Badges

As well as the plush, there were also new keychains and badges available, created by Akuo.

These keychains have gold coloured, star-shaped rings and the badges come in different shapes and sizes. Both items have a sparkling, glitter effect and feature both current and future VOCAMERICA performers.

Here are some more photographs of the different badges available, featuring even more performers.

The performers featured in these items include Avanna, Maika, DAINA, DEXRubyYOHIOloidOliver, Sweet Ann, Big Al, SONiKA, Bruno, Clara, Prima and Tonio.


EmpathP has also stated that there will be new stickers available of the VOCAMERICA performers, so stay tuned for further updates on that!

More Information

All of this new merchandise is available to purchase at Katsucon this weekend and will also be added to the VOCAMERICA shop shortly after. Keep an eye on VNN and the VOCAMERICA website for further details on future VOCAMERICA appearances!

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