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Otomachi Una TV Commercial Now on YouTube!

For those have been reading VNN’s coverage of the Otomachi Una TV commercial illustration and song contest, and have been dying to see the finished products for themselves, the wait is finally over! All three variations of the TV commercial are now available for watching on Otomachi Una’s official YouTube channel!

The 15-second long commercial is being called the “Thank you for my first anniversary” commercial, and comes in three types (A, B, and C). In each one, you can hear Una’s voice saying:

“I’m Otomachi Una. Thank you so much for always making, watching, and listening to so many wonderful creations. VOCALOID 4 Otomachi Una and Otomachi Una Talk Ex are now on sale.”

What makes each type different, however, is the song that they have playing in the background, and the collection of illustrations that they show (save for the final seven). Below is information on where you can sample and purchase each song, as well as reactions from their respective producers upon hearing them used in the commercials!

Commercial Type A

Song: チョコパフェが食べたいの (Choco Parfait ga Tabetai no, “I Wanna Eat Chocolate Parfait!”)
Producer: 音羽ねぅ (Otoha Neu)

“The YouTube version of the Otomachi Una commercial is now online!
They used my song “Choco Parfait ga Taibetai no feat. Otomachi Una” in Type A of the commercial (●´ω`●)!
Everyone else’s songs and illustrations were all splendid as well, so do give it a look when you get the chance!”

Sample/Purchase チョコパフェが食べたいの on iTunes

Commercial Type B

Song: ジャストなお! (Just Now!)
Producer: シカクドット (Shikaku Dot)

“My humble entry in the Otomachi Una TV commercial song contest, “Just Now!” will be used for this! https://twitter.com/otomachiuna/status/913690966657081345

Sample/Purchase ジャストなお! on iTunes

Commercial Type C

Song: トキメキ☆マイハート (Tokimeki☆My Heart)
Producer: すんぷすん♪ (sunpusun♪)

“All 3 types to the ‘Thank you for my first anniversary’ Otomachi Una TV commercial are here https://youtu.be/CEz1V96KStY on @YouTube! This commercial’s the talk of the town, and I watched the whole thing!!!! ♡
Thankees!!! ✩.*♪(o´∇ `o♡)♪.*✩”

Sample/Purchase トキメキ☆マイハート on iTunes

Here are even some reactions from artists who saw their artwork used for the commercial! Be sure to check out Otomachi Una’s official Twitter to see even more!

“In Type B of the Otomachi Una commercial, my illustration appeared ever so briefly! Gah, I’m so happy…! Thank you so much! I’m so glad I took part in the contest!”

“My Una-chan snuck her way into the commercial. See if you can find her! Thanks! Also, Una-chan is so cute!!!!”

“I know it’s super-late, but I saw that my illustration was used in Una-chan’s commercial, and am just so happy ε(ˆᴗˆ)з”

“Here are the Una-chans that I drew for the Otomachi Una commercial illustration contest. Isn’t Una-chan so cute…”

“I heard that the Otomachi Una TV commercial is now on YouTube, so I thought I’d share.
They used my illustration in Type C of the commercial, the one that plays “Tokimeki☆My Heart.” This makes me so happy… Thank you so much…! ϵ(*´ω`*)϶ϵ( `・ω・´♪)϶ϵ(*-⊡ω⊡-*)϶”

“Otomachi Una-chan’s commercial is now on YouTube! Una’s voice is so wonderful and cute in every song that she sings. My illustration appears mainly in the upper-left part of Type C of the commercial. Congrats again on your 1st anniversary!”

“I caught of glimpse of this here illustration appearing in the Otomachi Una commercial (*´ω`*)”

“My artwork joined in, too! It’s in Type B! Thank you so much~! (Otomachi Una commercial)

“It seems like Otomachi Una’s commercial is now online ✨ My illustration is on the left side of Type C♪ even though it’s a pretty shoddy piece of work? This make me so incredibly happy?? Thank you so much!!”

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