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Tohoku Zunko Available in R.C. Voice!

The voice-morphing app, “R.C. Voice,” is now available for free download on iOS devices, and none other than Tohoku Zunko is one of the voices available at launch!

“The new app, R.C. Voice, was released today (>∀<●)
This app can convert your voice into that of a whole different character’s voice (๑´ڡ`๑)
And FYI, Zunko’s in it, too! (≧▽≦)ゞ”

“I know this is a little late, but Tohoku Zunko-san @t_zunko-san, on top of being a VOICEROID and VOCALOID, congratulations on your debut in R.C. Voice as well! I expect we’ll have some really interesting projects together from here on out (^^)!”

What is R.C. Voice?

R.C. Voice (or リアチェンvoice, “Riachen voice“) is an iOS app created by CRIMSON TECHNOLOGY, Inc. The “R.C.” stands for “real-time change,” and the app does precisely what its full name implies: it can change your voice into an entirely different one, even into that of an anime character! All you need to do is select the character voice that you want, speak into your R.C. Voice-loaded device (or into an accompanying mic), and let the app convert your voice into that of your chosen character, completely in real-time!

The app comes with the voice of the character Crimzou by default, but you can purchase the voices for Tohoku Zunko (voiced by Satomi Sato) for ¥3800 JPY (about $33 USD), Koeno Tsubasa (voiced by Kotori Koiwai) also for ¥3800 JPY, and Cutie Alien Peroro for ¥2900 JPY (about $25 USD).

Crimzou: A music life form from the planet Crim, who has come to Earth to teach people about the importance of music in one’s life. He enjoys floating on his side, and is especially skilled at humming.

Tohoku Zunko: She loves zunda! She’s 17 years old and is a second-year high school student at Furusato Girls’ Academy. She possesses a special ability called the Zunda Arrow that can turn any kind of mochi into a zunda mochi.

Cutie Alien Peroro: “I’m from the Peropero Planet. Hey, someone teach me how to take over the Earth! But why isn’t anyone afraid of me, pero?”

Koeno Tsubasa: She’s a kind yet shy girl. She doesn’t talk very much, so no one knows any personal details about her. She’s 16 years old and her sign is Aquarius.

R.C. Voice can do more than just change your voice into another character’s voice; it can morph your voice to sound much lower, much higher, or in a myriad of other ways. The developers are even coming up with ways for the app to not just play back your morphed voice in real-time, but also record your voice and modify it for later playback.

Since seeing (and hearing) is believing, check out the below videos to get an idea for how R.C. Voice works!

You can download R.C. Voice and try it for yourself for free from the iTunes store.

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