“Otomate” x Kagamine Len & KAITO Collaborative Goods at Animate

The Hatsune Miku Official Blog recently announced collaborative goods between Crypton and popular Japanese visual novel creator Otomate. The goods feature various game characters alongside Kagamine Len and KAITO, which went on sale at Animate stores in Japan on July 6th. They are also on sale at the Collaboration Store in LUCUA 1100.

Caption: “Hatsune Miku Official Blog Update: Otomate x Kagamine Len and KAITO collaboration goods will go on sale at Animate stores across Japan!”

The first image is for the collaboration with Otomate’s game Hakuoki, drawn by たかはしえむ (Takahashi Emu).


The second image is for the collaboration with Collar x Malice, drawn by Yume no Uchi (夢ノ内).

Goods for Sale

Here are the goods that are on sale at Animate!

Clear File Folders (2 types) – ¥350 JPY each (about $3.50 USD)


Acrylic Keychains (4 types) – ¥650 JPY each (about $6.50 USD)


Can Badges (4 types) – ¥500 JPY each (about $5.00 USD)


Be sure to catch these items while you can! Also, stay tuned to VNN, because we will update should any further details get revealed!



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