Project Sekai Colorful Stage Costume Feat. Hatsune Miku Design Contest

Most of you have heard about Project Sekai Colorful Stage feat. Hatsune Miku. If you have not yet, make sure to head on over to to read their article and learn more about it!

If you wanted to have your costume featured in the game, now is your chance. They are currently holding a costume design contest for both male and female characters featured in the game. The contest is open until December 2nd, 2019.


The results will be chosen by the organizers and are scheduled to be announced in December. The winners will then be posted on Piapro’s website as well as be notified by email. Make sure that the email registered on the site is a valid and active email address, as this is where you will be contacted. (You will receive an email from Crypton Future Media If you do not respond within a certain time period, you will not be able to win.


– Your costume data will be available in the game
– Your name will be added in the credits
– You will receive a “Project Sekai Colorful Stage! Feat. Hatsune Miku” ogirinal QUO card valued at 3,000 JPY

We wish everyone who will participate good luck and more importantly, have fun!

For full contest rules as well as sending in your results, check out the link here.(Japanese)

Source: Piapro



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