Quadimension’s HaiYi Demo Song and Synthesizer V Pre-sales Available!

It is finally time for us to talk about Quadimension’s very own ocean princess, HaiYi, who finally got her first demo song on Synthesizer V and her pre-sales open today!

The Ocean Singer Enters the Stage

After so much waiting time, HaiYi finally enters the stage with her first demo song on Synthesizer V! We can hear her graceful yet powerful voice on an original song composed by Zeno back when she was using her prototype: “Shallows“!

Click on the picture to open the video on Bilibili. If it doesn’t work, click here.

We eagerly waited for her to join the crew on this engine, and the results are absolutely gorgeous! Her voice shows off  lot of potential, and we cannot wait to hear more of her!

Now up for Pre-order!

HaiYi’s voice library is also currently up for pre-order via Quadimension’s Taobao, with a release date planned for September 13th, a limited time only discount and a special offer for those that purchased the other three MEDIUM⁵ sisters!

Her voice library features four pitches! She will be available in both physical and digital editions, and both of them will have a special price for those that already own ChiYu, CangQiong and ShiAn! You can find the pricelist below.

  • Digital Version – Currently in sale for 500 RMB, You can get it for 408 RMB if you own all of the previous MEDIUM⁵ voice libraries.
  • Physical Version – Currently in sale for 515 RMB, You can get it for 423 RMB if you own all of the previous MEDIUM⁵ voice libraries.
  • Synthesizer V Bundle – Physical is currently priced 595 RMB, while the digital edition costs 580 RMB.

Physical edition only available for those that live in China!

Remember that those prices will not last forever! Her standard price will be 680 RMB, so you better grab your copy fast before the discount period ends.

If you are interested in this vocalist, you can purchase here by clicking here!


We cannot wait to see how users will make her sound in their works!

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You can also find Stardust on WeiboTwitter and Youtube
HaiYi, on the other hand, can be found on Weibo!
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