Lupin Announces New Album Syntech-

A little over after a month of the digital release of Syntech+, Lupin a.k.a. nostraightanswer announced the new release date of Syntech-, a new album to complete Syntech0. The digital version is now available for pre-order on Bandcamp. Syntech- will be fully released on Bandcamp and all major music providers on August 23, 2019.

Album Cover by 6LIN

Syntech- is a self-cover album featuring Lupin’s vocals. The album also includes a few re-arrangements from Syntech+ tracks and remixes from ODDEEO and Circus-P. Additionally, the physical releases of the album will be available with limited supply in the near future through the #InterfaceCollection Kickstarter.

Syntech0 Crossfade

0:00 – 7:50 : Syntech+
7:51 – 17:05 : Syntech-


  1. By My Side
  2. Someday You’ll Notice The Evening Colored Horizon (Self-Cover)
  3. Pushing Daisies (Self-Cover)
  4. Define Me (Self-Cover)
  5. Pacify (Mini-DnB Arrange)
  6. Infinity (ODDEEO Remix) (Vocals: Maika)
  7. My Impulse (Self-Cover)
  8. You Get Me (Self-Cover)
  9. Half-Life (Rainfall Arrange)
  10. Both of Us (Circus-P Remix) (Vocals: DEX & DAINA)
  11. Courage (Nostraightanswer and Circus-P)
  12. And Dawn Anew (Outro)


Bandcamp – Syntech- $9 minimum
Follow Lupin on Twitter for updates on the availability of Syntech0 on its release day


Interface Kickstarter


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