Sakura Miku by Taito Toys

Hello bunnies!! I want to share news of a new Sakura Miku Figure by Taito Toys!

Automatic Translation by Twitter:

“Breaking news!

Next April #桜ミク “First lottery will be released! What! Two types of figures using illustrations drawn by Yasmo-sensei and Kamen-sensei! The other prizes are also a luxurious lineup using illustrations drawn by all species! We will introduce each award in detail later!

Stay tuned for more information!


I’m very excited!! I absolutely love Sakura Miku, as the spring season is my favorite season! We will update this post when there is more information.

So let’s talk about it! I absolutely love the details, the pose… well, everything!! My wallet is already crying! I think my favorite would be the first one! What do you think?


Taito Toys’ official Twitter


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