I am Anne! I am an artist, utau user and vocaloid producer. I am 23, Gemini, NonBin, LesAce, Disabled, Cat Lady, She/He/Them. I voiced and manage USAGI.

Zhiyu Moke Birthday Celebration

Hello bunnies! Zhiyu Moke’s birthday is coming up! On December 10th at midnight (CST), there will be a celebration PV of his debut song, Virtual Teenager (虚拟少年) on Bilibili for his birthday. It is composed by Himmel, with qqq-kun as tuner and lyrics by 大♂古. The song originally debuted at …

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Sakura Miku by Taito Toys

Hello bunnies!! I want to share news of a new Sakura Miku Figure by Taito Toys! 🌸速報!🌸来年4月に「#桜ミク」初のくじが発売決定!なんと!やすも先生、かも仮面先生の描き下ろしイラストを使用した、フィギュアが2種登場!他賞も全種描き下ろしイラストを使用した豪華ラインナップになっております!後日各賞を詳しく紹介予定!😊続報をお楽しみに!✨#初音ミク #タイトー — タイトートイズ (@Taito_Toys) November 25, 2019 Automatic Translation by Twitter: “Breaking news! Next April #桜ミク “First lottery will be released! What! Two types of figures using illustrations drawn by Yasmo-sensei and …

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AHS Reveals English Voiceroid

Hello bunnies! AHS is currently working on English VOICEROID. They can’t say too much about it but Touhoku Zunko English is now under development and they have hinted that it will be a fundraiser. ずん子の英語版ボイロのクラファン企画中です♡︎ヽ(..•ε<…) — 東北ずん子(公式)💚 (@t_zunko) November 22, 2019 Not only Zunko but There are more English VOICEROID VB …

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Sega MegaMix T-Shirt Contest

Hello bunnies, I’m back!! Today Miku’s English Twitter announced a t-shirt contest to promote the Switch game “Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Mega Mix” or “Hatsune Miku Mega 39”. Celebrate the upcoming launch of Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix in the West by submitting a t-shirt design! Five lucky winners …

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FuRyu Prize Debuts “TOONIZE” Figurines!

Hello bunnies! The debut of a new figurine brand named “TOONIZE” was announced today! The first characters to be represented it is Hatsune Miku and friends, otherwise known as the Hatsune Miku series! 新フィギュアブランド『TOONIZE(トゥーンナイズ)』がフリュープライズよりデビュー!第1弾は初音ミクシリーズ!ミク&リン&レンがカートゥーン風デフォルメで立体化★監修中の原型画像&イメージイラストを初公開いたします。20年春から展開予定★続報をお楽しみに!#初音ミク #TOONIZE— 【フリュー公式】PRIZE info (@FURYU_prize) November 6, 2019 As of now, the virtual idols that have …

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