Tohoku Zunko Will Be Made into an Anime!

AHS Co. & Tohoku Zunko’s official website announced that Tohoku Zunko will be made into an anime, which is part of the Anime Tamago 2017, a Japanese government’s Agency of Cultural Affairs “Young Animator Training Project”. The show itself will be aired in 2017 through several Japanese TV channels, cinema screenings, and streams. The anime will be titled “Zunda Horizun”.

These are the companies/staffs involved:

Companies: WAO Corporation, Studio Live, & SSS-Studio collaboration
Director: Hiroshi Takeuchi
Producers: Kiyomitsu Aoki & Sakiko Okutsu

This isn’t an entirely unexpected thing to happen, considering the character Tohoku Zunko has been around for quite a long time, even before her VOICEROID & VOCALOID software were made by AHS Co. She also has her own background story and manga. It’s currently unknown whether the original voice provider of the Tohoku sisters will reprise their role as seiyuu in the anime version. Stay tuned for future updates!

Official announcement:
Tohoku Zunko’s official website:

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