VocaDB Chinese Version is in the Works!

Recently, a Chinese speaking VocaDB user asked VocaDB users and Chinese speaking VOCALOID fans to help in creating a Chinese VocaDB, asking for their help in translating VocaDB’s user interface into Chinese.

This Chinese interface translation means that Chinese speaking fans will be able to browse and interact with the VocaDB website in the Chinese language. It will open VocaDB to the growing Chinese fandom and, as a result, will likely bring with it many, many entries featuring the Chinese VOCALOIDs.

According to VocaDB’s owner:

“A Chinese user on VocaDB decided he’d do a Chinese translation of the user interface but he needs some help with it. [He mostly needs] someone to review his translations and maybe complement them.”

Chinese speakers are free to help with the translation effort on the VocaDB discussion forum here. In addition, VocaDB asks for help in spreading the word to the Chinese speaking community. As VOCALOID grows in Chinese speaking countries, this database will become very useful. And with more users who frequent VocaDB, more Chinese VOCALOID songs can be added. It’s a win-win!

What is VocaDB?

VocaDB is, as the name may suggest, a VOCALOID database. It’s essentially an online encyclopedia mixed slightly with Wikipedia. All members can contribute to the website, creating entries for new songs, artists, producers, and even albums. Everyone is free to help as much or as little as they’d like as long as they follow the rules of submitting new “articles”.

As a resource, VocaDB is essential to any VOCALOID lover. Are you looking for songs by a certain artist? They’ve got you. Are you looking for songs featuring a certain VOCALOID? Done. Do you want to see what kind of EDM VOCALOID songs are out there? They can do that, too. Or maybe you’d like to see if your favorite artist has a YouTube or NicoNico channel? Perhaps you’d like to follow them on Twitter if possible as well? VocaDB has all that covered.

If there’s a piece of information you need, VocaDB is the first place to look. And if they don’t have it and you happen to find it, you can add it to the website so more people can find it later on!

VocaDB even has an app available on Android and iOS.

Remember, if you’d like to help, head over to the discussion forum here.

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