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Vocaloid Amino Celebrates First Anniversary

While it’s obviously not new news, there’s an online app called Amino that connects fans of different shows, music, and other aspects of culture to other fans who like the same thing. One of the pilgrim communities was actually a VOCALOID related one. And, while not official, it has thrived. On April 22nd, it celebrated its 1st year anniversary. So happy birthday to Vocaloid Amino!

What is Vocaloid Amino?

Vocaloid Amino is an unofficial community under the Amino app. You can either join the community via this link if you have the Amino app already or download the community app from Google Play or iTunes. If you’d like the full Amino app, they’re also available on Google Play and iTunes. However, we’re only speaking about the English Vocaloid Amino in this article and can’t vouch for any of the other ones.

The Staff

Staff are separated into Leaders, the leaders of the app, and Curators, who are kind of like mods. If anything goes wrong, they’re the ones to contact. However, they’re super active and usually knock out unrelated, spam, and inappropriate posts before most people even see them.

The Community

The Vocaloid Amino community has come a long way since the beginning. While they were always united, there used to be quite a few trouble makers. Those who have been in Vocaloid Amino for a long time will know exactly what I’m talking about. But for those who are new, don’t worry about the past and enjoy the improved VA!

Nowadays, things are much more relaxed. The community loves their memes and are incredibly laid back. If someone doesn’t follow the rules, they kindly warn them. If someone comes in not knowing much about VOCALOID, the community welcomes them with open arms. It’s a very positive environment.

And while there are still some odd posts that make their way to VA here and there, it’s still a great place. It may take a while to get used to it, but once you do, there’s a good chance you’ll feel right at home.

Vocaloid Amino Highlights

Of course, there are a few things that definitely make Vocaloid Amino worthy of being checked out.

Featured Feed/Front Page
Back in the beginning of Amino, the featured feed was as much a pro as it was a con. The algorithm would randomly choose posts to be featured, sometimes finding amazing art and sometimes finding things that didn’t even belong on the app. A year later, the algorithm is long gone, and now curators and leaders control the feed. However, there’s also a thread for users to suggest featured feed content as well! (Never suggest your own content, though. That’ll get your post instantly banned from being featured! This is to prevent everyone from spamming their own content.)

The feed is now filled with beautiful art, community events, news, and sometimes even songs, including originals! It highlights the best of the community and is updated throughout the day every day. There are quite a lot of things on the featured feed, and the screenshots above show only a small fraction of it.

Community Guidelines

While the guidelines are not as strict as some would like, they are a good compromise. Many people feel that it’s not necessary to credit artists, while artists obviously disagree. Vocaloid Amino makes it so users must always say they don’t own the art (unless they do) and if your main focus of the post is the art, you have to name the artist as well. And if anyone provides the source for someone, they’re required to post it as well. Finally, users must also try to the best of their abilities to find the original art if someone asks. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should go around the app asking people for sources. But should you find that picture you really love, there’s hope of finding the source.

Of course, VA outlines how to find sources in one of their official posts.


And of course, you can’t forget about VA’s mascot, VAI. VAI is an androgynous UTAU whose voice banks are currently unavailable. However, you can watch the official VAI website and Vocaloid Amino for VAI’s voice bank releases! For more information on VAI, check out the Favorite post on VA here.

Art Used

As mentioned earlier, Vocaloid Amino is a huge place for art. Our featured image features beautiful artwork used with permissions of the artist. Be sure to check all of them out! And, as always, don’t reproduce any of these images without permission.







Remember that you can either join the community via this link if you have the Amino app already or download the community app from Google Play or iTunes. If you’d like the full Amino app, they’re also available on Google Play and iTunes.

Happy Birthday, Vocaloid Amino!

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