VOCALOID Collection ~Winter 2020~ Fan Festival Announced!

Hello fellow Vocaloid fans! Dwango Co., Ltd, the operator of Japan’s social video website, Niconico, has announced details for the VOCALOID Collection ~Winter 2020~! It is set as an online convention, slated to be held on December 11 – December 13, 2020.


The VOCALOID Collection LIVE

The VOCALOID Collection LIVE is a music concert which will comprise of DJ shows and band programs, performed by popular artists including Hachioji P and Pinnochio P. The concert takes place on December 12th (Saturday), and will be divided into two sections: the first section will contain Vocaloid classics from 2009-2014, while the second section will cover Vocaloid trending music from 2015-2020.

Dates: December 12th (Saturday), 2020
Part 1: OPEN 12:00 JST, START 13:00 JST
Part 2: OPEN 17:30 JST, START 18:30 JST

Venue: Toyosu PIT (6-1-23, Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan)

Price: Onsite Tickets
Part 1: 5,500 Yen (Tax Incl.)
Part 2: 5,500 Yen (Tax Incl.)
Both Part 1 and 2: 9,800 Yen (Tax Incl.)
Online Tickets
Part 1: 4,500 Yen (Tax Incl.)
Part 2: 4,500 Yen (Tax Incl.)
Both Part 1 and 2: 8,500 Yen (Tax Incl.)

Performer List:

  • Part 1: Kozue Aikawa, +α Alphakyun., 164, Iripon Sensei, Kamen Liar 217, koma’n, SHARE LOCK HOMES, Tsubasa Harihara (HarryP), PinocchioP, Heavenz, Miume, melochin, Sachiko Kobayashi, Kettaro, Tsukasashi, nero, NORISTRY, Rio
  • Part 2: ARIKU, Iripon Sensei, Will, Kamen Liar 217, Kanzawa Arisa, SHARE LOCK HOMES, john/TOOBOE, TUYU, DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING a.k.a Yuyoyuppe, Hachioji P, Porushi, metre, melochin

Both online viewing and onsite viewing (at the physical venue) tickets can be purchased at Dwango Ticket.

Live Streaming Programs

Throughout the festival, there will be live streaming programs held, of which in particular include:

  • Talk shows
  • Outdoor DJ performances by popular Vocaloid P
  • A rebroadcast of Vocaloid music concerts held at Niconico Cho Party.
  • Introductory classes for Vocaloid music production!

Vocaloid Video Ranking Contest!

Niconico will be hosting a ranking contest while the event is taking place for Vocaloid videos posted by users! There will be 4 categories in the contest.

  1. Vocaloid Collection TOP 30 Ranking
  2. Vocaloid Collection REMIX Ranking
  3. Vocaloid Collection Rookie Ranking
  4. Derivative Works Ranking

The criteria for ranking includes views, comments, My Lists, and likes. Videos that make it to top ranking will then be featured in the official live stream show, and creators are eligible for cash prizes from Vocaloid Collection sponsors (details to be released on a later date). It will be open to all voice synth software, including: VOCALOID, UTAU, CeVIO, VOICEROID, NEUTRINO, SynthV, and Hatsune Miku NT.

Of note, the submission period for all ranking contests is: Dec. 11th (Friday) 0:00 JST – Dec. 13th (Sunday) 19:59 JST.
The contest will accept new videos only, and reuploads will not be included in the ranking.

Vocaloid Collection TOP 30 Ranking

  • Upload your original Vocaloid (or other voice synthesizer) music to the Music/Sound category on Niconico.
  • Tag the video with “ボカコレ2020冬” and lock it.

Vocaloid Collection REMIX Ranking

  • Upload your remix video based on original Vocaloid (or other voice synthesizer) music to the Music/Sound category on Niconico.
  • Tag the video with “ボカコレ2020冬REMIX” and lock it.

Vocaloid Collection Rookie Ranking

  • Rookie Ranking applies to new Vocaloid P, those who have uploaded their work no more than 2 years ago.
  • Upload your original Vocaloid (or other voice synthesizer) music to the Music/Sound category on NicoNico.
  • Tag the video with “ボカコレ2020冬ルーキー” and lock it.

Derivative Works Ranking

  • Consists of 3 genres:
    • Me Singing
    • Me Dancing
    • Me Playing
  • Upload your video based on original Vocaloid (or other voice synthesizer) music to Music/Sound or Dance categories on Niconico.
  • Tag the video with the designated tag as appropriate for the genre.
    • Me Singing Ranking: “歌ってみた”
    • Me Dancing Ranking: “踊ってみた”
    • Me Playing Ranking: “演奏してみた”

Stem Files for Remix are available from Popular Vocaloid P’s!

Producers such as ryo (supercell) and kz (livetune) will be sharing music stems from their original Vocaloid songs so users can make their own remixes. These will be available to download at Vocaloid Collection’s official website.

Those who make it to the top ranking with their remixes are going to be featured on the official live streamed event!

Artists Sharing Stem Files: ryo (supercell), kz (livetune), PinocchioP, ika, Omoi, Kairiki bear, Carlos Hakamada (SizeP), KurousaP, Surii, DECO*27, NayutalieN, Harumaki Gohan, buzzG, Hiiragi Kirai, and more!

To participate: Upload your remix to Niconico and tag it with “ボカコレ2020冬REMIX”. (We were not given information if you need to file it under the Music/Sound category, or lock the video itself).

40 Hours of Nonstop Vocaloid Music

What a party! Starting on Dec. 11th (Friday) at 23:00 JST, Niconico will stream a 40 hour Vocaloid music show consisting of three sections.

  1. Vocaloid Collection TOP 30 Cruise
  2. Vocaloid All Time Best Cruise (featuring iconic Vocaloid music)
  3. User Request Cruise (music requested by users)

User Playlist Recommendations

During the event period, Niconico wants users to submit their own Vocaloid playlist to have the opportunity to be featured on the Vocaloid Collection’s official website.

To participate: Submit a playlist of at least 10 Vocaloid (or other voice synthesizer) songs created using Niconico’s My List function and post the URL on Twitter with the hashtag #私のプレイリスト and #ボカコレ.

…But what about merch??

The BOOTH Festival Vocaloid Collection

International indie art marketplace, BOOTH, is hosting the BOOTH FESTIVAL Vocaloid Collection – an online convention dedicated to Vocaloid merchandise! During the Vocaloid Collection event, creators will sell their indie music CDs, comics, photo books, and more on a dedicated webpage.

If you’re a creator and want to apply for participation before or during the event, check the official website for more details.

Get Hyped for Vocaloid Collection ~Winter 2020~!

With so much to do, you’ll find there’s something for everyone to enjoy! I’m happy that there’s a lot of emphasis towards user generated content, as you can see with the multitude of different contests that will take place. Let us know what will you check out in this festival!


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