“VOCALOID yumemi nemu” Album Now Available for Pre-order!

As mentioned previously on VNN, nemu‘s first compilation album VOCALOID yumemi nemu is set for release in early July! After a long wait, the album is finally available for pre-order and we have a tracklist!

About the Album

The album costs ¥2,500 JPY (about $23 USD) and is set to release on July 5th.


01. “Cosmic Melon Soda Magic Love” (by PandaBoY) w/ Yumemi Nemu [Human] 02. “Silica Gel Demo Sui Kirenai Natsu ga Aru” (by [email protected]) w/ Yumemi Nemu [Human] 03. “Sweet☆Planet” (by tilt-six × PandaBoY)
04. “Kanaria no Ippai” (by Yuuyu)
05. “Hitomi ni Tojite Ai ni Ikou” (by Yuyoyuppe ゆよ ゆっぺ)
06. “first love” (by Jun’ai no Kyojin-P)
07. “Ebiba! Dreamin” (by emon)
08. “Anzen Unten❤Muji Musume-chan” (by 八王子P Hachioji P)
09. “Woopie Island” (by Tamaya 2060%)
10. “Dream Dream Yume Dream” (by Nayutan Alien)
11. “Anywhere” (by livetune.kz)
12. “Aruiwa Yumemi Nemu to iu Gainen e no Sakushiido” (by MOSAIC.WAV) w/ Yumemi Nemu [Human]

Where to Order

The album is available at the following websites:


Animate International

Amazon Japan

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