Vsinger × Tencent MMORPG Game “Moonlight Blade OL” Collaboration

The Tencent MMORPG game Moonlight Blade had a conference on May 28th detailing plans for updates in the game. But what caught the eyes of VOCALOID fans is their announcement of a collaboration with Vsinger!

Luo Tianyi will be in the game as the special poster girl. Moonlight Blade also revealed the brand-new “Young Girl Model” which will be available in the game starting July 11th. The official Weibo of the game has announced the new theme song “End of the Words” featuring Luo Tianyi and the original choreography “Dance of Heart.”

In addition, the game also announced special outfits based on Luo Tianyi’s design for females and Yuezheng Longya’s for males! These outfits even come with special matching actions. The special Vsinger outfits have three designs: Adult Male, Adult Female, and Young Girl. As we have mentioned, the outfits of the “Adult Female” and “Young Girl” models are based on Luo Tianyi, and “Adult Male” is based on Longya.

Below are the official sample images and the video.

[bilibili src=11262490]

“End of the World” featuring Luo Tianyi & “Dance of Heart”

Video not working? Click here to go straight to the Bilibili upload.


Official Page for the “Young Girl” Models
Moonlight Blade Official Website & Download Link

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