Vsinger’s Autumn and Winter Cosplay Design Contest Winners Announced!

It’s been more than a month since VNN wrote about Vsinger’s Autumn and Winter Cosplay Design Contest that began in September. On October 17th, BCY Illustration’s channel announced the winners via Weibo:

First Prize: Setsuya

Setsuya’s “Camellia Quartet” series.

Second Prize: 米酉昔

米酉昔’s “Winter Palace” design.

Third Prize: 十四栀栀

Design series from 十四栀栀, inspired from winter furry ball and Chinese-style elements.

Bonus Prize: 夕亚人

夕亚人’s “Autumn Dormancy” designs.

Winners will not only receive cash as prizes, but also their design will be made into real costumes and sold at 漫有引力AScosing‘s Tmall store. Winners will receive a shared revenue of ¥5 RMB for each costume sold on AScosing’s Taobao shop within six months after their design is made into a costume. If you are interested to see more designs in the contest, feel free to check on the event page here.

Did any of these beautiful dresses catch your attention? If so, it’s time to save your money and wait for them to be on your winter shopping wishlist!

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