Vsinger’s “Language of Flower” Mini Figures Open for Pre-order!

Vsinger has finally announced that the mini figure series “Language of Flower” is opening for pre-orders! They also featured a series of photos to give us a good look of the cute mini figures. Besides Vsinger’s main six, Stardust will also be included as a “Guest Character” and the mysterious “Hidden Character” still remains unknown, but perhaps Vsinger will finally reveal him/her when the pre-orders begin.

“Vsinger Mini Desktop Series——Language of Flower ver” were announced as a collaboration product between Vsinger and Figure company “Hobbymax”.  We held a design contest back n November, 2015 and 6390 fans voted. The final result is the delicate and exotic “Language of Flower” series. The winning artist Laile had a bright-refreshing art style, and she did a good job on the details of the design, unique elements can be found on every character, and the watercolor-ish color scheme will definitely catch your attention.

Hobbymax spent seven months making the figures. Directed by Kiking, the prototype model artist and also the founder of Hobbymax, built by HaiTa and painted by NaiNiu. Bringing us the “Lauguage of Flower” figure series in compact shape, fine details and delicate color. “Language of Flower” is the first mini figure series featuring Vsinger’s VOCALOIDs, we wish they will bring happiness to your desktop.

How to Purchase

The pre-orders will be open on July 15th and ends on August the 14th.  It will be available on Shanghai Henian’s official TaobaoQuadimension’s official Taobao, and Hobbymax’s official Taobao. They will ship the figures in January of 2017. The figures only come in a package of all eight characters (Vsinger’s main six + Stardust + “Hidden Character”) with a price of ¥298 RMB ($45 USD). Fans will need to pay 17% (¥50.66 RMB) ($8 USD) during the pre-order. The seller will send a notification when the product is ready, and you will need to pay the other 83% (¥247.34 RMB) ($37 USD) before the 5th of Febuary, 2017. The figures will ship within 15 days of receiving the payment.

For overseas fans, you may purchase them using international Taobao or choosing a reliable forwarding service if you are not familiar with Taobao’s purchasing process.

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