Yuezheng Longya Confirmed to Have Multiple Voice Banks!

Fans have been waiting a long time for the release of Yuezheng Longya, and as time continues, more information is revealed. However, we still have no release date, but what we do have are the names of his voice banks!


Longya will be getting two voice banks, the first being “淳” (Chun) which means “pure but with thickness” (essentially, the normal voice of a man).

His second voice bank is “雅” (Ya) which means “elegant, gentle, and soft” (Soft voice bank).

His Normal and Soft voice banks will be released together. A “Power” voice bank had been planned for him, but Vsinger’s voice bank producer, RenXingTu, announced that they have decided to push back the production to prioritize Mo Qingxian and Zhiyu Moke‘s voice banks.

Vsinger has also announced his first official demo “In Your breath” will be available February 14th on NetEase Music. Note that NetEase Music is currently not available outside of China, however, don’t worry since Vsinger usually uploads their music on Bilibili and even sometimes YouTube later!

Source: Weibo

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