Yuezheng Longya Voice Bank Open for Pre-order

The long awaited first Chinese male VOCALOID “Yuezheng Longya” is finally available for pre-order! Pre-orders for Longya are open from May 10th until June 16th. The Taobao item listing mentions that shipping begins on June 24th, therefore we can assume that this will be his release date. Longya will be available for ¥780 RMB, but if you pre-order him now, you can get him at a discount cost of ¥700 RMB. If you would like to pre-order Longya, you can head on over to his product page. As expected for most things from Taobao, it is recommended that you use a forwarding service.

On top of this, a new demo has been released on 163 Music! Although, unless you are in China, you probably will not be able to listen to it on 163 Music. If you want more information on the demo, you can check out VocaDB here. If you are curious to hear Longya and you have not already or would just like to hear him again, you can listen to his last demo “In Your Breath” below.


163 Music



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