Yuzuki Yukari Mobile Battery Packs Available for Pre-order

Courtesy of AH-Software and newly-established video game illustration company, ASOBI NO SPIRITS, comes the “Yuzuki Yukari Mobile Phone Battery Packs,” available for pre-order on both the AHS Store and the newly-opened ASOBI NO SPIRITS online shop!

The Yuzuki Yukari mobile phone battery packs come in three varieties, each bearing Yukari’s trademark “rabbit” in the style of her Jun, Onn, or Lin design. They cost ¥3,800 JPY (about $38 USD) a piece.

Product Details

Energy Capacity: 4000mAh
Output: 5V, 1A
Size: 112 mm (length) x 66 mm (width) x 9 mm (thickness)
Contents: 1 mobile phone battery pack, 1 micro USB, 1 user’s manual, & 1 transparent exterior case with interior battery mat
Capable of keeping an iPhone7 (energy capacity: 1,960mAh) running for double its normal battery life, and an iPhone7 Plus (energy capacity: 2,900mAh) running for 1.5x its normal battery life when fully charged.

The products will be up for pre-order until April 27th, and are planned for release on May 31, 2017. Unfortunately, due to them being lithium-ion batteries, they’re unavailable outside of Japan. However, do check out AHS’s collection of other goods! If you’re able to pay for the shipping, they’ll be more than happy to ship outside of Japan.

Yuzuki Yukari Mobile Phone Battery (Jun) Pre-order Pages:
AHS Store / ASOBI NO SPIRITS online shop

Yuzuki Yukari Mobile Phone Battery (Onn) Pre-order Pages:
AHS Store / ASOBI NO SPIRITS online shop

Yuzuki Yukari Mobile Phone Battery (Lin) Pre-order Pages
AHS Store / ASOBI NO SPIRITS online shop


ASOBI NO SPIRITS (meaning “spirit of play”) is a company of professional, highly experienced illustrators and graphic artists, established in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area on November 1, 2016. Their motto is “never forget the spirit of play,” and they specialize in designing and providing character illustrations, backdrops, icons, UI, and other graphic designs for video games, apps, and computer software. Be it modern or classical, fantasy or sci-fi, they will answer any call for any style of illustration that is demanded of them, constantly finding ways to improve their business while never forgetting their motto and namesake, the “spirit of play.”

ASOBI NO SPIRITS opened their official site on November 29th, 2016, and also just opened their online shop on April 7th, 2017, with the Yuzuki Yukari Mobile Phone Battery Pack being offered as their first product up for sale.

ASOBI NO SPIRITS Official Website


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