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August, 2019

  • 2 August

    MOEYU x Stardust Playing Cards and Portable Tableware!

    MOEYU keeps filling our life with more and more amazing merchandise, and we surely cannot get enough of their Stardust goods! They just announced an amazing playing cards pack and a portable tableware including themed after our favorite Virtual Singer from Quadimension! Let’s check those products together! Playing Cards Summer …

  • 2 August

    Bilibili Macro Link 2019 Review!

    Let’s recap the amazing, wild event that was the BML 2019 live event! This year’s headliners were some of the best and brightest, with several virtual divas joining the titular 22 and 33 mascots on stage! The event was dominated by special appearances featuring the Crypton VOCALOIDs, the entire VSinger …

  • 2 August

    Get Prepared for 2020 with a Custom Hatsune Miku SELEPO Calendar!

    With less than half of the year left for 2019, it’s now time for us to think of the future, and our next year calendar is part of it! Why don’t we include Hatsune Miku in this quest by getting a custom SELEPO calendar featuring her? A Custom Calendar with …

  • 2 August

    Hitoshizuku × Yama△ “If the world3” Album to be Released at Comiket 96!

    The iconic duo Hitoshizuku x Yama△ is going back to Comic Market 96 this year, bringing us a whole new installments of their fairy tale-themed albums: “If the world3“! Album Details and Crossfade Video Those who follow this iconic producer duo know very well how their songs usually take inspiration …

  • 1 August

    AZKi Brings her “Azuraji” MAX! Event to the Real World via SPWN!

    Fans of the Virtual Youtuber and singer AZKi get ready for a very special event, because her live broadcast “Azuraji” is going real life  on August 3rd, with a much more empathized title: “Azuraji” MAX! For those that follow this VTuber just like us, you might already know about her “Azuraji” …

  • 1 August

    IA & ONE New Performances, Official Twitter Account and More!

    Hello ARIAers! Seems today is your lucky one, as the two ARIA sisters from 1st Place, IA and ONE, finally got more performances planned and even their own official account on Twitter! New Events Seems IA and ONE will be back with their most iconic liv performances once more very …

July, 2019

  • 31 July

    Happy 11th Birthday Gackpoid! – Special 2019

    Ciao everyone! Here’s your Daisy Hapyon! (*ゝω・)ノ Yesterday we celebrated Otomachi Una‘s birthday with my special article, and today I’m back with a new guest of honor: Gackpoid! He’s celebrating his 11th birthday and we are ready to give this samurai some love! Are you ready? Let’s begin! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ About …

  • 30 July

    Hatsune Miku x Magatsu Wahrheit Collaboration Music Contest Announced

    Hatsune Miku will be collaborating with the full-scale multiplayer online mobile RPG “Magatsu Wahrheit” by KLabGames that launched earlier in late April this year with over 460,000 pre-registrations. The collaboration music contest is now live on piapro under the theme “live in the present era“. Three winning entries will be …

  • 30 July

    VOCALOMAKETS Releases New Kizuna Akari LINE Stickers by Taneko!

    VOALOMAKETS keeps releasing new LINE stickers on a regular basis lately, and this time we got a new, adorable set of Kizuna Akari stickers!! A Cutesy Overload with Kizuna Akari! All of the Akari fans who felt neglected because of the lack of stickers portraying her favorite child from the team …

  • 29 July

    Happy Birthday Otomachi Una! – Special 2019

    Ciao everyone! Here’s your Daisy Hapyon! o(*’▽’*)/☆゚’ After a brief break from appearing on VNN, due to technical reason, I’m finally back and ready to celebrate our beloved Otomachi Una’s 3rd anniversary! Are you ready? Let’s begin! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ About Otomachi Una First of all, allow me to introduce our little …