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December, 2019

  • 13 December

    Hatsune Miku Digital Stars 2019 Ver. Pre-Orders

    A new Hatsune Miku figure is now available for pre-order on Animate. The Hatsune Miku Digital Stars 2019 ver. is a 1/8th scale figure and is set to release late February 2020 at a cost of 16,500 JPY.   The figure is based on the illustration of  “Miku Expo Digital …

  • 12 December

    Weekly Music Recomendations [2] 12/6/19

    Nice to meet you, I’m Ragyuo! Welcome to the Weekly Music Recommendations! I’m glad to be able to give you guys more music recommendations, there’s so many I want to give but I have to limit myself to 5. So first off, 5. I Can’t Die Yet – 16 164 …

  • 12 December

    Hatsune Miku Performance in Shinkalion Movie

    In the Shinkalion movie, Hatsune Miku will be singing during the concert scene. Although, instead of her name being “First sound(初音)” as we all know it, it will be “Engine Sound(発音)” to fit with the train theme of the anime. She has also made an appearance in the past on …

  • 8 December

    Zhiyu Moke Birthday Celebration

    Hello bunnies! Zhiyu Moke’s birthday is coming up! On December 10th at midnight (CST), there will be a celebration PV of his debut song, Virtual Teenager (虚拟少年) on Bilibili for his birthday. It is composed by Himmel, with qqq-kun as tuner and lyrics by 大♂古. The song originally debuted at …

  • 7 December

    Kagamine Len and Rin: Winter Live Ver Pre-order on Tokyo Otaku Mode

    If you didn’t know yet, both Kagamine Len and Kagamine Rin: Winter Live Ver. Non Scale Figures are available for pre-order on Tokyo Otaku Mode. If you are like most of us and don’t live in Japan to get one, then now is your chance. The figure is described as …

  • 5 December

    CeVIO CS7 Is on its Way!

    A new update for CeVIO is on its way! At the moment we only have a bit of details but it seems exciting for those of you who have CeVIO! ENG: [Notice]Now, the development of the big next version update of "CeVIO CS7" is coming to a close. Things like …

  • 5 December

    SoundCloud Free Limited to 15 Tracks; Alternatives for Users

    As of late, the leading streaming service for audio used by the vocal synthesizer community and numerous more, SoundCloud, has announced that free members will be limited to 15 tracks on their account. The reasoning for this drastic change in the free user plan is so that artists will be able …

November, 2019

  • 29 November

    Weekly Music Recommendations [1] 11/15/19

    恥見まして、私わらギュおです! Nice to meet you! I’m Ragyuo! And welcome to the first segment  of Vocaloid songs weekly where I recommend and showcase either new producers, new songs, or old songs that you’ve probably never heard of but needed recognition that is a BOP!! Each and every Friday I will show …

  • 27 November

    New UNI Album “24-Hour Symphony” Preorders Open!

    It’s been nearly a year since the last official update from VOCALOID4 UNI’s parent company, ST Media. But big news just hit from their official YouTube: a new album is over the horizon! UNI’s latest album, 24-Hour Symphony, is now available to pre-order! The album is set to come out …

  • 26 November

    Sakura Miku by Taito Toys

    Hello bunnies!! I want to share news of a new Sakura Miku Figure by Taito Toys! 🌸速報!🌸来年4月に「#桜ミク」初のくじが発売決定!なんと!やすも先生、かも仮面先生の描き下ろしイラストを使用した、フィギュアが2種登場!他賞も全種描き下ろしイラストを使用した豪華ラインナップになっております!後日各賞を詳しく紹介予定!😊続報をお楽しみに!✨#初音ミク #タイトー pic.twitter.com/C8cR0Tb7bb — タイトートイズ (@Taito_Toys) November 25, 2019 Automatic Translation by Twitter: “Breaking news! Next April #桜ミク “First lottery will be released! What! Two types of figures using illustrations drawn by Yasmo-sensei and …