Creative Minds: An Interview with Cosplayer Tawii Szöllösy

Recently, the Vocaloid Facebook fan page shared a beautiful image of cosplayer Tawii Szöllösy wearing her SONiKA costume. She messaged the page very happy to be shared and I offered to interview her to bring more attention not only to her incredible work but also to cosplayers in general as well as her country’s fandom.

Tawii lives in the Czech Republic but recently travels around Europe going to different conventions and cosplaying.


Cosplayer Tawii Szöllösy cosplaying MAYU.
Original Upload: Tawii’s Facebook
Photography by Kage Photography

Hoshi: First of all, I’d like to thank you again for letting me interview you. I’m really happy to be able to feature an amazing cosplayer from a part of the world that doesn’t get much attention.

Tawii Szöllösy: Its my pleasure too! Thank you very much for asking me~. It’s a honor. ^_^


Hoshi: It’s my pleasure. xD So when did you first get interested in VOCALOID?

Tawii: Okay, then. But still, it’s also mine. ^^

I remember correctly, it was in February 2013.

Oh, time passes so fast~.


Hoshi: That’s only a few months before I joined the Vocaloid Fanpage. Haha. xD I’m an oldy from like 2008 or 2009, I think. Time just flies.
What got you interested in VOCALOID?

Tawii: Oh, really? Wow!

Well, for me, I love dancing. I learned the “Love & Joy” dance in 2009. But like a lot of people, I learned it from MikuMikuDance. You probably know, Love & Joy is sung by a real person. So, for me, Miku was just a dancing anime girl.

But things changed as time passed. I got interested in Japanese performers – especially Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. There was also a dancer from Japan called Ry☆. I loved his dance cover for PONPONPON. But… the voice… didn’t belong to KPP, so I was confused! “Who’s this cute voice?” And this is how I found Kagamine Len. I definitely fell in love with his voice bank. I still love his voice bank so much, but as we know – there are many others VOCALOIDs with very beautiful voice banks.

Cosplayer Tawii Szöllösy cosplaying Kagamine Len Toluthin Antenna Version.
Original Upload: Tawii’s Facebook
Photography by Martina Vernerová

Hoshi: That’s probably the most interesting way I’ve ever heard for someone getting into VOCALOID. It’s such an indirect way. Haha. Definitely a story to tell when everyone else is talking about their much more bland VOCALOID discoveries.

I did see that one dance video on your youtube with you dancing dressed as SONiKA. You’re definitely a good dancer.

Tawii: Oh, wow. It can’t be so…. Haha.

In this video I was very very tired, so there are many mistakes. But thank you very much! I hope I’ll be able to remake this dance cover as soon as possible. But right now, I’m working on another dance cover for Len (again, Len everywhere xD ).

Hoshi: I can’t wait to see it. xD How did you get interested in cosplaying?

What inspired you to start?

Tawii: Yay! So I hope I won’t disappoint you! u

Um, it was character from the Kuroshitsuji anime, Ciel Phantomhive. I always loved the Disney fairy tales, especially “Alice in Wonderland”. It teaches people there’s no limit for their fantasies. In the second series of Kuroshitsuji, there was OVA called “Ciel in Wonderland”. It was based on “Alice in Wonderland”, of course. I liked Ciel’s personality even before this but this OVA made me want to make my very first cosplay – Ciel in Wonderland. It was Febuary 2013, too. haha. xD

“No limits for my fantasies and dreams” ^^

Cosplayer Tawii Szöllösy cosplaying Ciel.
Original Upload: Tawii’s Facebook
Photography by Fotoateliér TRAUDY

Hoshi: Everything just came together perfectly that February. xD I watched a bit of Kuroshitsuji and read a few volumes of the manga. My first cosplay was actually Butler!Grell. Lol. It was a closet cosplay, though. Nothing super fancy but it was still fun.

Which VOCALOID is your favorite to cosplay?

Cosplayer Tawii Szöllösy cosplaying Len Punkish Version.
Original Upload: Tawii’s Facebook
Photography by Sky Vision

Tawii: Haha. Yes. We should call it “The fatal Febuary”. >XD Oh, rly? Grell is so mad, haha. Mad into Sebastian. xD Did you have any Sebas-chan? It’s so funny and also kind to see somebody cosplaying these two. So cute, even mad

Yes, I think that’s it – cosplay is for fun ^_^

Well. For me definitely Len Kagamine, especially the Punkish module. My friends call it “pornicish”, but, you know…Len is so… how to say it…hmm. Energetic if you want him to be. xD The suit is very very comfortable, too. I’m not kidding.  Len was the “first” in my heart, so… that’s it. My “numero uno” forever, even I love many others voice banks. ^^


Hoshi: Unfortunately, I didn’t.

His Punkish module is a bit “pornicsh”. But I’ve seen far worse. As have you, likely.

Speaking of your Len cosplays, that Attack on Titan crossover is freaking amazing. I found it and was absolutely in love. I’ve seen a lot of Shingeki and VOCALOID crossovers but yours takes it to a whole new level. What inspired you to create your own design? And can you explain it a bit? Those looks like smart phones where the 3DMG would be.

Cosplayer Tawii Szöllösy cosplaying Len crossed with Attack on Titan.
Original Upload: Tawii’s Facebook
Photography by Butrix Photography

Tawii: Yeah, but, you know. I’ve never thought it’s so comfortable, because it just doesn’t look like it would be. Haha. When I was sewing this outfit I thought “Oh my God, I won’t be able to wear this for more than 10 minutes!!” I was just surprised, haha. Len has many, por- ehm… interesting versions and modules, I think. xD

Oh, wow! Thank you very much! It means a lot for me, because it’s my biggest cosplay project ever! For real… I don’t like Attack on Titan that much BUT! I saw an documentary with the mangaka of SnK and… what made him to draw it touched me deep in my heart. It’s very close to me.

It’s similar to the ideology of Alice in Wonderland… I know I was only dreaming but now, I’m ready to fight for my dreams. For Vocaloids, it’s just like fighting for their music. That was the reason why I made this crossover. I’ve been working on the whole design for one whole year and it cost me a lot of time. But I’m satisfied with it.

Um, yes! ^^ In the 3D Music Gears are tablets, in the belts are iPhones, and in the back is a SPEAKER! Yay! The jacket and swords are shining. Oh wow…Walking Humanoid. ^^ I just love the outfit. It’s so meaningful to me. ^^


Hoshi: Oh wow. That is some serious detail and thought that went into it. Totally worth it, though. That cosplay is one of a kind and exceptionally well done. I never thought of it like that, though. VOCALOIDs fighting for their music. They really do that, in a sense.

So do you make all of your cosplays from scratch?

Tawii: Oh, yes. Sure. ^^ I also make a shoes too, haha. Many times I need to completely resew bought wigs and things like that. I love the hard work, though. ^^ I think that buying cosplay is something like underrating your favorite character/voice bank (in the VOCALOID case). So I make and sew everything on my own. ^^


Cosplayer Tawii Szöllösy cosplaying SONiKA.
Original Upload: Tawii’s Facebook
Photography by Kristos Photo

Hoshi: It’s convenient for people without the talent to sew. My friends and I keep saying we’re going to learn to but never find the time. It’s great to be able to do everything on your own, though!

How difficult is it to make your cosplays?

Tawii: Well, maybe it sounds bad, but this is only my opinion ^^” Heh. I think you can learn everything, if you have real love for it, so… This is my Wonderland, I think. ^^

Well, it’s more expensive than buying the done one. ._. And you also have to find time to make it. When I want to make some new cosplay, sometimes I don’t even sleep,  ^u^ (I’m mad, I think)

Um, I think it’s difficult when you don’t know what you have to do. For example, sewing is really difficult for the “perfect” results. You have to practice so much to learn it. You can never forget about ironing during sewing and things like that. My mom is seamstress, so at the beginning, she taught me.

But it’s been a long time since I started. I was so young. I was trying to sew clothes for my baby dolls and… I’ve just loved making clothes, doing make-up and styling hair since I was born. Haha. xD

In crafting, I must say I love soldering LED lights! I know it’s weird for girl, but… It’s so cute when it shines for the first time. It’s like giving birth to a baby xD I think nothing is difficult for you when you love doing it. It can be but it’s not when you love it. ^^

So making cosplays for me is not difficult. Maybe it’s hard to make my body stand it, but still it’s something I love.

Cosplayer Tawii Szöllösy cosplaying Len Append.
Original Upload: Tawii’s Facebook
Photography by J.M.Photography

Hoshi: You were a born outfit maker, it seems. xD Soldering is really fun. Plus LEDs make an excellent addition to cosplays. Especially VOCALOID ones.

I absolutely love your attitude about cosplaying. It’s true that things seem a lot less difficult when you love doing it.

Do you have any advice for beginning cosplayers?

Tawii: Well, It seems like it. Yes, yes, yes. True. It’s funny and shiny and it’s twinkling. Oh my God I love it, haha. xD

Right now I’m working on another VOCALOID design using the LED lights. I hope I’ll make enough money for this project, haha. Also, I’m waiting for CV02 V4, because I’d love to use Len’s English voice bank for the song cover which inspires me to do it. (I’m praying for Kagamine mirrors English, I really am)

Yay! Thank you. ^^ It really means a lot for me. It’s like my Wonderland is coming true, haha. 

Cosplayer Tawii Szöllösy cosplaying Len.
Original Upload: Tawii’s Facebook
Photography by Martina Vernerová

Hoshi: The Kagamines are supposed to be released by the end of this year. Hopefully they won’t hit another delay.* Seeing as how every Crypton VOCALOID now has an English bank besides those two, I’d say the chances are pretty high for Rin and Len to get English banks.

Plus the new designs are likely to make some very nice cosplays.

How is the fandom in the Czech Republic? Do you meet many people interested in VOCALOID often or do you find it easier at conventions outside of your country?

Tawii: Yup, I know. I hope in this too >///<

Wait, the new designs are already out? I haven’t seen them yet! And I’m checking them everyday ._. It seems like I’m bad stalker, haha.

Um, sadly, there aren’t many people interested in VOCALOID here. We have something like an “Official Czech & Slovak fan site”, but when you check it, not many people visit it. People, who are realy interested in VOCALOID, are joining our room and talking to each other, so we’re more something like kind of family.

So, mostly, I meet people into VOCALOID while abroad when I visit conventions. ^^ Many times, in my country, I hear “Oh, it’s Miku from the VOCALOID anime but I haven’t watched it yet” And I’m just like: “Why are you still alive with this kind of thinking?!?” xD It’s so sad…


Hoshi: No, no. They’re not out yet. xD But the new designs for all the other VOCALOIDs owned by Crypton have been absolutely amazing. So it’s reasonable to expect Rin and Len to also look absolutely awesome.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a small family instead of a large fan base. xD It does suck to have people who don’t quite realize VOCALOID isn’t anime, though. Hopefully the fandom will mature there with time. It’s frustrating but the best thing to do is just educate them. That way they can learn and be bigger fans. ^^

Tawii: Fufufufu~ You’ve scared me ._. That’s true and it gives me butterflies, hahaha~. I can’t wait to see and hear them, oh my god~.

Yes. I think I’m proud of those people because even we don’t have much support, we still stand together. ^^

I also did a program at one convention about the non-com-8 (like non commercial eight) and I used Avanna, MAIKA, and other lesser known Vocaloids for it. I was so happy when people asked me for links to the songs, awww~! So I hope this will help a bit to grow our VOCALOID family. ^^

Original Upload: Tawii’s Facebook
Photography by Filip Blažek

Hoshi: Aaah, that’s awesome~. I did a presentation for my speech class on VOCALOID. A lot of non-fans were really into it and were asking for more information when I finished. So I know the feeling that comes with “converting” people. xD

If you could say one thing to the fandom as a whole, what would it be?

Tawii: Oh, that’s so cute.  My presentation made me feel I was useful for something.

Hmmm… I’d say “Keep and share your VOCA-love!” ^^


Original Upload by Kristos Foto. Photography by Kristos Foto.

Hoshi: That’s a cute saying. I may have to steal that. Lol.

And our final question: Do you have any last words for readers and fans?

Tawii: You have to steal it, haha. xD

Um! ^^ I’d love to thank everybody who supports my work! Every piece of this puzzle makes my heart go doki doki! <3 Everything really means a lot to me and I’m really glad when somebody shows me their support .

I’d love to also thank you for interviewing me. It’s a big honor for me! I was afraid nobody would like my SONiKA cosplay, so it made my day when I saw you sharing it. I was so, so happy! Thank you very much for everything and I hope more people will become interested in my work too~.

I’m going to help our Czech VOCA-family grow up by making cosplays for another VOCALOID voice banks I love. I can’t wait to work on them~! Yay!

Thank you~. <3


Hoshi: You’re very welcome. ^^ I hope you’ll gain more fans. Your SONiKA cosplay really was spot on and all your other works are absolutely amazing as well.

If you would like to follow Tawii, check out her Facebook page, World Cosplay page, and Twitter.

*Editors Note: Since the interview Kagamine Rin and Len V4X has been confirmed to be released in December of 2015.

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