Don Quijote x Hatsune Miku Collaboration Goods & Songs Announced!

If you opened this article hoping to find images of Hatsune Miku donning knight armor and tilting at windmills, then sorry, but you won’t find those here. What you will find, however, is the latest info on the announced collaboration between Hatsune Miku and Japanese discount store, Don Quijote!

About Don Quijote

Don Quijote (often abbreviated as “Donki”) was founded by Takao Yasuda (born 1949), starting from humble beginnings as a tiny, one-story store called Dorobou Ichiba in the Suginami Ward of Tokyo in 1978. It opened its first wholesale store in September 1980 under the name Just Co., changing its name to Don Quijote Holdings in September 1995. They now have over 160 stores throughout Japan and are known for staying open late until about 3~5:00 AM, or even offer 24/7 service.

Don Quijote stores are also known for their “compact display (圧縮陳列)” layout of their goods for sale. This stems from how the original Dorobou Ichiba store was so small and unable to afford warehouse space that Yasuda had to cram and stack boxes full of merchandise in the store. These stacks of boxes would at times reach as high as the ceiling, and because their contents weren’t taken out of them, customers had to search high and low to find exactly what they were looking for.

This tradition was carried over into the larger Don Quijote stores when they opened. Under this “compact display” model, the store goods are crammed together in such narrow spaces that each store is a proverbial maze of merchandise. But far from frustrating customers, it turns each shopping trip in a Don Quijote store into something of a treasure hunt for their desired goods, and has become one of the store chain’s main selling points.

Another characteristic of Don Quijote stores is their mascot character, a penguin named Donpen, whose cute visage can be seen outside of every store location. Inside of each store, another special characteristic can be heard: the Don Quijote theme song “ミラクルショッピング(Miracle Shopping)” by Maimi Tanaka, played and looped in every store, and for which there are always CDs up for sale.

About the Collaboration

Hatsune Miku’s 10th Anniversary Event! Announcing the Hatsune Miku x Don Quijote Collaboration!
Hatsune Miku is going METAL!? She will at this Donki-exclusive goods sales event!
Click here for store details and more!
#ドン・キホーテ #初音ミク

From April 22nd through May 28th, original HATSUNE MIKU METAL EDITION goods will be up for sale at the Don Quijote store in Akihabara! These goods will be based on the new Miku illustration provided by Torigoe Takumi (鳥越タクミ). Check her (and a bunch of pixelated, head-banging Miku’s and Donpen’s) out in the promotional video below!

Afterwards, select Don Quijote stores all throughout Japan will also start selling HATSUNE MIKU METAL EDITION goods starting on April 28th, and lasting until May 28th. Business hours will differ depending on store location:

Hokkaido: MEGA Don Quijote store in Asashikawa / Don Quijote store in Sapporo
Akita: Don Quijote store in Akita
Miyagi: Don Quijote store on Bansui-dori
Saitama: East entrance of the Don Quijote store in Omiya
Chiba: Don Quijote store outside of Kashiwa Station / MEGA Don Quijote store in Narita
Tokyo: Don Quijote store in Roppongi / Don Quijote store outside the east entrance of Ikebukuro Station / Don Quijote store outside of Hachioji Station / Don Quijote store outside of Machida Station
Kanagawa: West entrance of the Don Quijote store in Yokohama / Don Quijote store at the south entrance of Fujisawa Station
Niigata: Don Quijote store on the south side of Niigata Station
Fukui: Don Quijote store in Owada
Shizuoka: Don Quijote store in Ryogae-cho / MEGA Don Quijote store in Hanamatsu-Kami
Aichi: Don Quijote store in Nagoya / MEGA Don Quijote store in Nagoya
Kyoto: Don Quijote store in Kyoto-Avanti
Osaka: Don Quijote store in Umeda / Don Quijote store in Sen’nichimae / Don Quijote store in Dotonbori / Don Quijote store in Dotonbori-Midosuji
Hyogo: Don Quijote store in Sannomiya
Hiroshima: Don Quijote store in Hiroshima-Hachobori
Fukuoka: Don Quijote store in Nakasu
Okinawa: Don Quijote store on Kokusai-dori

Once you’ve picked your store of choice, check out the HATSUNE MIKU METAL EDITION goods that they will be selling! (Note that all prices are before tax.)

Can Badges (7 varieties) / ¥580 JPY each (about $5.80 USD)

Slim Clear Bottles / ¥1,680 JPY (about $16.80 USD)

Clear File Folders (3 per set) / ¥1,000 JPY (about $10 USD)

Acrylic Key Holder (2 varieties) / ¥1,280 JPY each (about $12.80 USD)

CD Jacket-Style Acrylic Key Holder / ¥1,380 JPY (about $13.80 USD)

Microfiber Handkerchiefs (2 varieties) / ¥680 JPY each (about $6.80 USD)

T-shirts (2 varieties) / ¥3,980 JPY each (about $39.80 USD)

B2 Tapestry / ¥2,980 JPY (about $29.80 USD)

Tote Bag / ¥2,480 JPY (about $24.80 USD)

Art Panel / ¥3,980 JPY (about $39.80 USD)

Finally, if you shop in the Akihabara store, then for every ¥3,000 JPY (about $30 USD) that you spend on HATSUNE MIKU METAL EDITION goods, you will get one of three different special can badges for free! Please note that they all have different availability dates and are handed out ONLY at the Akihabara store location.

Collaboration Songs

In addition to goods, two new songs were also commissioned for the collaboration event! First up is the event theme song, titled “Wolf,” created by famed VOCAROCK producer Yuyoyuppe (ゆよゆっぺ), also known as DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING. This is the song that plays in the promotional trailer, and you can hear the full version below!

Secondly, another well-known VOCALOID producer, tilt-six, was put in charge of creating — wait for it — the metal arrangement of the Don Quijote theme song, “Miracle Shopping!” Imagine this version of the familiar, happy-go-lucky theme song playing in stores!

Stay tuned to VNN as all the Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary collaboration events continue to be revealed!

Official Links

Don Quijote:
Official Site
Collaboration Page

Torigoe Takumi:



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