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“EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Meikonic” Pre-orders Open

While KAITO fans received Kaitonation last year, MEIKO fans were left in the dust. But now, it’s finally MEIKO’s time to shine with “EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Meikonic!”

Promotional Video

For those dealing with YouTube Red, the video is also available on niconico.

Track List

The track list is subject to change, but these are the announced songs.

Bonus Track

Pre-order Bonuses

Lots of stores have pre-order bonuses if you order from them. With all these different options, MEIKO fans have quite a decision to make! However, there’s one bonus that everyone will get.

Phone Straps

There are three chibi-style rubber phone straps up for grabs. Each purchase comes with a random phone strap. The different strap designs are based on illustrations drawn by 秋吉 (Akiyoshi), あんこ (Anko), and 由杞 (Yoshiki).


Random strap mentioned above.
MEIKO illustration collection featuring 優 (Yuu), 秋吉 (Akiyoshi), あんこ (Anko), カラコロ (Carakoro), 栗栖 歳 (Kurisu Toshi), 由杞 (Yoshiki), and  (Um).
Can badge set (size 3.3 cm × 3 pieces) featuring the strap illustrations.
Illustration postcard set (3 sheets) featuring 優 (Yuu), あんこ (Anko), and 由杞 (Yoshiki).


CD jacket-sized sticker and an alternate CD jacket, both drawn by (Yuu).
You can purchase from Animate here. Unfortunately, the album isn’t currently available on Animate International.


An A3-sized poster drawn by 優 (Yuu).
You can purchase from BUNKYODO HOBBY and Animega here.


Clear file folders drawn by 優 (Yuu).
You can pre-order from Amazon Japan here.


Smartphone wallpapers drawn by 優 (Yuu).
You can order from TSUTAYA ONLINE here.

Tora no Ana

B2-sized poster drawn by 優 (Yuu).
You can pre-order from Tora no Ana here.


Chibi MEIKO stickers drawn by 秋吉 (Akiyoshi), あんこ (Anko), and 由杞 (Yoshiki).
You can pre-order from Neowing here.

Also available for pre-order through Tower Records here.

International Pre-orders

While we can’t say for sure if all of the above sources ship internationally, we do know that the following websites ship around the world.

CDJapan ($22.55 USD)

Amazon Japan ($22.55 USD)

More Information

For more information, check out the official website (in Japanese)!

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