EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocaloseasons ~Spring~ Now Available for Pre-order

With the weather warming up outside, it’s probably the perfect time to learn about the next installment of the seasonal VOCALOID album series, EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocaloseasons ~Spring~! The new compilation album is set for release on April 4th, 2018, and pre-orders are now open!

“【4/4 Release!】Pre-orders have begun for the 3rd installment of the season-themed ‘Vocaloseaons’ compilation album series, “Spring!” The limited-time complete goods set is also available, so pre-order it while you still can!! Details here ⇒ vocaloseasons.com

The album will compile over 13 classic and original VOCALOID songs from a wide variety of producers to welcome the coming of spring. You can watch the crossfade for the album below on Youtube.

If the video is unavailable in your country, then you can watch it on Niconico here.

Track List (subject to change)

Here are the songs that have been announced for the album so far. Please be aware that this list is still subject to change, as EXIT TUNES will likely announce more songs for the album soon. All translated song titles are unofficial.

  1. 桜前線異常ナシ (Sakurazensen Ijou Nashi, “Nothing Odd On the Cherry Blossom Front”) by ワタルP (wataruP) feat. Hatsune Miku
  2. 桜ノ雨 (Sakura no Ame, “Cherry Blossom Rain”) by halyosy feat. Hatsune Miku
  3. 桜の季節 (Sakura no Kisetsu, “Season of Cherry Blossoms”) by ゆうゆ (Yuuyu) feat. Hatsune Miku
  4. センチメンタルな愛慕心 (Sentimental na Aiboshin “Heart of Sentimental Love”) by なつめ千秋 (Chiaki Natsume) feat. GUMI
  5. 過ぎし3月の君へ (Sugishi Sangatsu no Kimi e, “To You From This Past March”) by doriko feat. Hatsune Miku
  6. 東京バレエ (Tokyo Ballet) by クロワッサンシカゴ (Croissant Chicago) feat. Hatsune Miku
  7. にじいろのはる (Nijiiro no Haru, “Rainbow Colored Spring”) by ふわりP (FuwariP) feat. Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Megurine Luka, KAITO, MEIKO, GUMI, Camui Gackpo, IA, MAYU
  8. ハジマリノヒ (Hajimari no Hi “The First Day”) by 彩音 (~xi-on~) feat. Hatsune Miku
  9. 春に一番近い街 (Haru ni Ichiban Chikai Machi, “The Town Nearest to Spring”) by 40mP feat. GUMI
  10. 『紅桜』少女幻奏 ([Benizakura] Shoujo Gensou, “[Red Cherry Blossoms] A Girl’s  Illusion Performance”) by mint* feat. Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
  11. An original song by はりーP (HarryP)
  12. An original song by 有機酸 (Yuukisan)
  13. An original song by YM

Special Merchandise

All purchases of EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocaloseasons ~Spring~ will come with one out of three possible acrylic keychains (determined at random) featuring illustrations of Hatsune Miku by 賀茂川 (Kamogawa), はあと (Haato)), or △□○× (Miwasiba), as well as a 515 x 515 mm (about 20 x 20 in) square poster, while supplies last.

As always, with each Vocaloseasons album comes a unique registration ticket. If you manage to purchase all four albums when they are released, and submit each of their tickets along with the survey card that comes with the final album, Vocaloseasons ~Summer~, then you will receive a special CD featuring two original songs from 1640P, the duo made up of 164 and 40mP!

Track list:

  1. Hatsune
    Lyrics: 164          Music: 40mP          Arrangement: 1640mP
  2. [Song Title TBA]
    Lyrics: 40mp          Music: 164          Arrangement: 1640mP

Where to Pre-order

You can pre-order the EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocaloseasons ~Spring~ album from various online stores, many of which offering their own additional bonus items when you pre-order with them. See below for a summary of all the different pre-order pages and their available bonus items.


A4-sized clear file folder of the album jacket illustration, OR a wallpaper set for desktop or mobile devices

Price: ¥2,808 JPY (about $25 USD)

Pre-order on Animate here.


Alternate CD jacket (A)

[Price and pre-order link coming soon]


A 54mm (about 2 in) can badge

Price: ¥2,808 JPY (about $25 USD)

Pre-order on Amazon here.

Tower Records

A special sticker set

Price: ¥2,808 JPY (about $25 USD)

Pre-order on Tower Records here.

Tsutaya Records

A set of 3 bookmarks

Price: ¥2,808 JPY (about $25 USD)

Pre-order on Tsutaya Records here.


Alternat CD jacket (B)

[Price and pre-order link coming soon]


A set of CD jacket-sized stickers

[Price and pre-order link coming soon]


Complete goods set:

  1. One random acrylic keychain
  2. One 150mm (about 6 in) tall acrylic figure stand
  3. One IC card with the jacket illustration
  4. One set of 3 postcards

Price: ¥4,298 JPY (about $39 USD)

Pre-order on Potune here.

CD Japan

No bonus.

Price: $23.47 USD

Pre-order on CD Japan here.

As more information on the track list and pre-order sites are revealed, VNN will report with updates.

Information Source

EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocaloseasons Portal Site

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