“Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary” Goods to Appear in Molly Fantasy, PALO, & Sega Limited!

Starting Saturday, June 3rd, special “Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary” goods will be available in Molly Fantasy, PALO, and Sega Limited! Please note that these goods will not all be released at once.

About the Items

These goods feature one of two illustrations: the 10th anniversary illustration by KEI or the “Flower Miku” illustration by さいね. There are both pillows and can badges available.

The Pillows

Both pillows are pretty large, as you can see from the size comparisons! Piapro’s blog was kind enough to give us some nice pictures of the items! In addition to them being quite large, the blog says the pillows are made of satin as well! Both pillows are 500 mm x 350 mm.

The Badges

The badges are also pretty big as well — big enough to make a Nendoroid look small! They’re a whopping 100 mm in diameter!

More Information

At the moment, there’s not much information available about these items. However, the Piapro blog promises to continue updating as time goes on! So stay tuned for more news as the June release date approaches.


Piapro Blog
Molly Fantasy Website

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