Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary PPP-Party in AEON Commences!

The first of seven “Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary PPP-Party in AEON” events will be taking place this weekend in LakeTown! The event will include special goods like an illustration book entitled ThanX, which will feature the works of ten different illustrators plus many exclusive goods based on the illustrations provided by said illustrators. They’ll also have live DJ concerts performed by famous VOCALOID producers, and even a 3-meter-tall jumbo Mikudayo!

Illustration Book

¥2,800 JPY (about $28 USD)

The featured item for this event is an illustration book showcasing the works of ten different artists. Throughout the publication, said artists share stories about how they discovered Miku, and give some pointers on drawing her for future Miku artists.

The “X” in the title is meant to not only represent the number 10, but also to convey the sense of “crossing;” through Miku, many people’s paths have crossed and many friendships were formed, crossing even cultural and language barriers. The “Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary PPP-Party in AEON” isn’t so much a celebration of Miku, but rather a thank-you party for the digital diva for all that she has done for her fans all around the world.

The featured artists are:

Other Goods

Illustration by Nidy-2D-

Illustration by wogura

Printed T-shirts (2 kinds)
¥3,500 JPY each (about $35 USD)

Clear-file Folders (10 kinds)

¥350 JPY each (about $3.50 USD)
A4 size, featuring the works of all ten of the ThanX artists.

Illustration by 雪乃たまご

600 mL Clear Water Bottle
¥1,200 JPY (about $12 USD)

Illustration by BUZZ

Illustration by 憂

B2-sized Suede Wall Tapestry (2 kinds)
¥2,800 JPY each (about $28 USD)

Can Badges (10 kinds)

¥400 JPY each (about $4 USD)
56 mm in diameter, featuring the works of all ten of the ThanX artists.

Illustrations by 猫魚 and ソウノ

80 mm Acrylic Key Holders (6 kinds)
¥800 JPY each (about $8 USD)

Purchase Bonuses!

For every ¥1,000 JPY (about $10 USD) you spend at a store on the day of an event, you’ll get a free illustration card! There are ten to collect, and which one you get is determined at random.

Dates & Locations

DJ Concert at LakeTown

Performer: HachiojiP
Date & Time: Sunday, June 18th at 2:00~2:30 PM and 5:00~5:30 PM
Location: 1st Floor Tree Plaza of AEON Mall LakeTown – Mori
Website: http://www.aeon-laketown.jp/mori/event/event_e79170602113637.html

Theme Song

Finally, the theme song for the event is “TODAY THE FUTURE,” composed by Harihara Tsubasa and other members of ELS!

The theme of “TODAY THE FUTURE” is about how we all initially set out in pursuit of our dreams on our own, struggling and fighting all alone. But along the way, we eventually meet and learn to grow with a great number of other people, no longer being alone. In “TODAY THE FUTURE,” Miku, too, learns this lesson, and sets out in pursuit of her previously abandoned dreams with a newfound sense of direction, learning to face the future with a smile.

Illustrations for the song were provided by あごなすび (Agonasubi), and the animations were handled by 駿 (Shun), who bring this magnificent portrayal of Miku to life in the outstanding PV for “TODAY THE FUTURE.”

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