Vsinger’s Live Concert Merchandise

Of course, with any live concert, there is always some nice merchandise to go along with the event. Vsinger’s live concert is no exception, and you can now purchase some of the merchandise on Taobao. Get it quick, however, since the live is soon!


Prices may change from the time of this writing.


Price: ¥99 RMB each ($14.50 USD)

You can choose between one of the six, or simply buy them all if you wish as well.


Color Switch Light Stick

Price: ¥198 RMB each ($29 USD)


Price: ¥39.60 RMB each ($5.80 USD)


Price: ¥30 RMB each ($4.40 USD)


Price: ¥79.20 RMB each ($11.65 USD)

Tote Bag

Price: ¥79.20 RMB each ($11.65 USD)


Price: ¥60 RMB each ($8.83 USD)



Price: ¥20 RMB each ($2.94 USD)


Price: ¥198 RMB each ($29.13 USD)


Vsinger Live Set

Price: ¥257.40 RMB each ($37.90 USD)

You can also purchase tickets here.

Note: It is always recommended to use a forwarding service when purchasing from Taobao.

Also remember that there will be a live stream on June 17th showcasing the live concert. For more information, check out our previous article here.

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