Hatsune Miku & Stardust Get New MOEYU Merchandise!

Hatsune Miku and Stardust just got a brand new bundle of merchandise released on the MOEYU store!

Hatsune Miku Glowing Smartphone Case

The first new product features Hatsune Miku in a new, glow in the dark smartphone case!

The design includes Miku’s CV01 logo, and a chibi originally illustrated by iXima applied to the bottom of the case.

Miku’s new case is priced at 138 RMB. The phone case is available for Apple devices, and can be purchased here!

Stardust T-shirt

Meanwhile, Stardust has also been given another round of products!

Stardust’s Metatron cube is featured all over a new minimalist t-shirt design. Like most of Stardust’s clothing line, it features her special cube and logos, along with other abstract shapes that keep the design fashionable, yet simple.

Stardust’s new shirt is priced at 236 RMB. More information is available here!

Stardust Flip Flops

Finally, following the new shirt is Stardust’s own set of flip flops! A cute new design just in time for summer has been posted to the MOEYU shop.

The main draw of the shoes are that they literally say “Metatron’s Cube”, a direct reference to Stardust’s symbol.

If there was any confusion as to whether these are Stardust’s shoes or not, the flip flops are colored to match her design: her iconic blue and gold are all over it!

Along with the logo and splash patterns, Stardust’s name is featured on the outer band, giving the shoes an added detail that makes them even more unique.

Stardust’s cute new summer flops are priced at a very affordable 78 RMB. All the more reason to pick up a pair and strut your Stardust stuff!

The flip flops are up for purchase here!


There’s no doubt that more amazing new virtual singer-themed merchandise will be coming from MOEYU, soon. What new items are you hoping for? Let us know in the comments!

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