Megpoid 10th Anniversary x GraffArt Shop Collaboration!

Another one of our most favorite virtual singers is slowly getting to her 10th anniversary, our little carrot lover Megpoid from Internet Co. Ltd, and GraffArt will celebrate her important goal with some exclusive merchandise!

GUMI’s Merchandise from GraffArt

In order to celebrate one of the most iconic virtual singers released during the VOCALOID2 era, GraffArt shop decided to dedicate two entire weeks to her, by bringing GUMI-themed merchandise to their shop! Let’s have a loot at them together!


The products that have been revealed feature a set of cutesy chibi GUMIs in some of her official outfits. Those pastel colors also bring up her sweetest side as a character, the one we learnt to love in the (almost) past ten years!

Although her merchandise only offers a small variety of products, you will absolutely love them! Here is a list of the items they introduced:

  • Chara Pass (Pass Case) – 1,380 JPY
  • Chara Case (Pocket Wallet) – 2,980 JPY
  • Chara Charger N – 4,980 JPY
  • Book-like Smartphone Case (Iphone 6/6s/7/8) – 2,980 JPY

All of the prices do not include tax fees!

Adorable isn’t it? There is no better way to show your undying love for GUMI than having some of her anniversary merchandise!


Along side the products we showed you above, GraffArt will also offer collectibles such as can badges and acrylic keychains!

Both of the products have sis different variants, each for every chibi artworks they made for this collaboration! You can test your luck by buying one, or simply purchase the whole set altogether! Here below you can find the prices:

  • Can Badges (6 variants) – 480 JPY each or 2.880 JPY for the entire box.
  • Acrylic Keychains (6 Variants) – 780 JPY each or 4.680 JPY for the entire box.

Will you be able to get them all with your luck’s aid, or will you purchase them all? No matter the case, it will be absolutely worthy!

Bonus Purchase

Last but not least, everyone that will spend at least 2.180 JPY in Megpoid merchandise at GraffArt stores will also get a special postcard featuring their collaborative artwork!


This collaboration will begin on June 26th, and is going to be held in three different GraffArt stores! Check the list below and click for the name of the location you want to see the map!


We are so excited for GUMI getting a little spark of love for her special anniversary! And you guys? Let us know if you manage to go there and grab something!

Don’t forget to stay tuned with us on VNN for more exciting news about your favorite virtual singers!

You can find GUMI on Facebook and Twitter
Same goes for Internet Co. Ltd, which also has english-speaker social medias! Find them on Facebook (Japanese/English) or Twitter (Japanese/English).
GraffArt can be found on Twitter as well as their official website.

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