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August, 2019

  • 23 August

    GUMI 10th Anniversary Original Megane Stand now Up for Pre-order!

    Here we come come with some more merchandise for GUMI ‘s 10th Anniversary! This acrylic stand is absolutely adorable and will nicely store any of your beloved glasses! GUMI Keeping Glasses for You! Any one who owns glasses would love to see their favorite character wearing it and storing it …

July, 2019

  • 16 July

    Megpoid 10th Anniversary Official Goods Now Available via Amazon!

    Megpoid (or GUMI for short)’s 10th Anniversary brought her fans a lot of news and merchandise, and the latter is now available for online purchase via Amazon Japan! Goods GUMI(VOCALOID Megpoid)の誕生10周年を記念してオリジナルグッズを8月7日(水)より発売!ただ今ご予約受付中です。https://bit.ly/2XLseoN<ラインアップ>◎アクリルキーホルダー×3種類◎アクリコースター×3種類◎ミニタオル◎クッション Posted by GUMI from Megpoid on Tuesday, July 16, 2019 Those items were previously exclusive, but they are now available …

  • 7 July

    Upcoming Rhythm Game “WACCA” to Feature Popular GUMI Songs at Launch!

    An amazing new arcade rhythm game will be coming to Japanese games rooms: it’s name is “WACCA” and will include some popular jams from our favorite singing carrot lover! ☀マーベラスさんが発表したアミューズメント施設向け🎧音楽ゲーム「WACCA」🎮が、いよいよ7/18に稼働❗第1弾としてGUMIが歌う🎤「 #マトリョシカ / #ハチ」「 #フラジール / #ぬるり 」がリリースに合わせて登場します❗ぜひ遊んください❣https://t.co/fVc2HKqEX5#WACCA#GUMI pic.twitter.com/YrD6cxTVoj— GUMI from Megpoid (@GUMIfromMegpoid) July 4, 2019 WACCA will be available in …

June, 2019

  • 18 June

    GraffArt x Megpoid 10th Anniversary 2nd Round of Merchandise Announced!

    Yearning for some nice Megpoid goods guys? Well look no more! GraffArt is going to have a second round of their celebrative merchandise very soon! Let’s have a look together! New Goods for the Second Round! You might remember their first batch of GUMI-themed merchandise we talked about not long …

  • 5 June

    Megpoid 10th Anniversary x GraffArt Shop Collaboration!

    Another one of our most favorite virtual singers is slowly getting to her 10th anniversary, our little carrot lover Megpoid from Internet Co. Ltd, and GraffArt will celebrate her important goal with some exclusive merchandise! GUMI’s Merchandise from GraffArt 【10th anniversary】6月26日は「Megpoid」が記念すべき10周年✨10周年記念として、2週連続で新商品を発売いたします!第1弾は「Megpoid」がグラフアートになりました!落書き調の可愛いイラストのグッズです♪購入特典としてポストカードも配布いたします!是非チェックしてください☆#Megpoid pic.twitter.com/oZaSf63oul — GraffArt(グラフアート) (@Graff_Art_) June 5, 2019 In order …