Miku’s Tape -10th Anniversary Edition- Now Available on Tokyo Otaku Mode

Last month, it was revealed that Hatsune Miku had been appointed as the ambassador for the Cassette Store Day in Japan. This is an annual event dedicated to the classic cassette tape format. Up until now, it was only available in shops in Japan. Thankfully, you can now purchase Miku’s Tape -10th Anniversary Edition- on Tokyo Otaku Mode!


It also comes with a SONOCA download card.

If you are still not sold, Tokyo Otaku Mode has a promotion going on for the next two days (until October 21st). If you purchase any VOCALOID item, you will receive 50x TOM points! On top of that, VNN is giving away its own offer! If you spend $50 or more on any order, you will receive $10 off until November 10th! All you need to do is enter the coupon code “VN1017”.

You can purchase Miku’s Tape here.

You can find more products using the coupon code above here!

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