New Mothy Album “EVILS EXTRA” to be Released on August 12th!

So much time has passed ever since Mothy, known for popular songs as Daughter of Evil and his Evillious Chronicles series, had published a new album. However, It seems that now we will soon have a new compilation from him, featuring not only some of his already revealed jams, but even new songs and revisited works!

Back to the Story of Evil series!

This new album’s title is “EVILS EXTRA” and will meet its first release during Comic Market 96 on August 12th, only to be found later at Magical Mirai 2019‘s Creators’ Market area on September 1st! Its price will be of 1,000 JPY!

Cover art by Ichika

Mothy didn’t release a crossfade video yet, however, he did reveal the full track list! Let’s check it out!

  1. 創世少女グレーテル (Sousei Shoujo Gretel)
  2. Fictional Masquerade
  3. 君はただ二回飛べばいい (Kimi wa Tada Nikai Tobeba ii)
  4. The Sleepless Torture Tower
  5. Messengers of the Infinity Mirrors
  6. That King was Born from Mud
  7. Full Moon Laboratory
  8. 加速する僕とカエルのラブロマンス (Kasoku Suru Boku to Kaeru no Love Romance)
  9. Unlock Blackbox (Instrumental)
  10. Reach for the stars 〜 Machitsuzuketa Tegami 〜
  11. RuRiRa RuRiRa The Resounding Sound (Parade)
  12. Boy of the Ending Hansel

Most of those songs’ titles might sound familiar to you, because many of them have already been released in different versions. This means that some of the ones included in this album might actually be slightly different in tune and/or lyrics!

UPDATE: You can now pre-order the album on Toranoana as well for 1,389 JPY! Find it here!

Cannot wait to hear more about this album! Are you planning to grab it? Then don’t forget to tell us what you think about it and stay tuned with us on VNN for more updates!

You can find more about Comic Market 96 on its official website
Don’t forget to also check out Magical Mirai 2019’s official website and Twitter!
As for Mothy, you can find him on Youtube, Twitter and his blog

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