New Spanish Partnership with HolaMiku from Mexico!

Our Spanish section has been open for some time now, however, we felt that we could bring even more to our Spanish-speaking community due to being a very big fandom in numbers. Therefore, in order to improve the speed at which we can bring our translations to the Spanish-speaking fandom, we have decided to work with the HolaMiku team based in Mexico! We hope that from now on, our Spanish-speaking fans will be able to enjoy news and articles quicker than before.

HolaMiku is currently a Facebook page run by a group of several VOCALOID fans from Mexico and now will also be members of VNN!

If you would like to follow HolaMiku, you can find them on their social media below.


We hope to keep improving VNN across all our languages and platforms even more as time goes, so stay tuned for more!

Special thanks to our new member from the Spanish team Hibarinrinrin for the featured image!

Hibarinrinrin Pixiv

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