OverHit X Hatsune Miku Collaboration

A new collaboration between Hatsune Miku and OverHit has begun! OverHit is a mobile role playing game available on iOS and Android created by the company Nexon.

The event started on the 30th and will end on November 14th. With that, a new “Hatsune Miku V4X” event dungeon and Hatsune Miku SSR+ hero has been added. Make sure to get your Miku’s while you can! She will only be available during the collaboration period.  Her gacha is available from October 30th until November 14th.

Note: Although the login event screen mentions that the event is on until the 27th, the official forums say the event will be for two weeks

Posted by OverHit on Tuesday, October 29, 2019


How to participate in the event

1: Must clear the campaign stage 5-10 to enter the event stage.
2: Go to the event stage “Hatsune Miku Event” on the main lobby.
3: Clear the event stage on one of the 3 difficulties, Story, Hard or Extreme. (the higher the difficulty the better the reward).
4: Go to your gacha menu using the tickets you have collected and get your Miku’s!


Stage 1- 10 x V4X Miku Heart Shard
Stage 2- 10 x V4X Miku Heart Shard
Stage 3- 10 x V4X Miku Heart Shard
Stage 4- 10 x V4X Miku Heart Shard
Stage 5- 10 x V4X Miku Heart Shard

Stage 1- 50 x Ticket
Stage 2- 50 x Ticket
Stage 3- 50 x Ticket
Stage 4- 50 x Ticket
Stage 5- 50 x Ticket

Stage 1- 70 x Ticket
Stage 2- 70 x Ticket
Stage 3- 70 x Ticket
Stage 4- 70 x Ticket
Stage 5- 70 x Ticket

There are also special rewards including Hatsune Miku profile icons for clearing each stage the first time.

Reward Grades

Grade S

Hatsune Miku’s Megaphone: 1 per box
Miku’s Leek: 1 per box
Singer Outfit: 1 per box
⋆1 Grimoire Equipment Chest SR-SSR): 1 per box

Grade A

2 X Grimoire Core: 1 per box
Rainbow Catalyst: 1 per box
2 X Wind Catalyst: 5 per box
Wind High Grade Skillstone: 2 per box

Grade B

Wind Faerie R: 5 per box
⋆3 Level-up weapon: 6 per box
⋆3 level-up armor: 6 per box
⋆3 level-up accessory: 6 per box

Grade C 

10 X D-gem: 10 per box
5 X Untamed Sand: 20 per box
80 X Essence: 50 per box

You can reset the BOX gacha up to 5 times!

You will also receive a Hatsune  Miku surprise box when you login!

Lastly, there is an event going on at their Facebook page that allows you to win more! Check it out below!

🎊 Event 🎊 Let’s Complete Hatsune Miku Event Dungeon 🤔 Complete the Hatsuna Miku event dungeon up to extreme difficulty…

Posted by OverHit on Thursday, October 31, 2019


You can download the game on iOS here and the Android version here!


Event Details
OverHit Facebook Page
Official Website

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