Possible Delay for YueZheng Longya? Fans Can Help Avoid This!

Recently VSinger announced a new male VOCALOID set for release, YueZheng Longya. However they are not sure of its release date. A campaign was launched to help show investors the interest in this VOCALOID. Not enough interest could lead to a possible delay in the voice bank due to investors having doubts and not wanting to invest. It was recently launched as a post on Weibo to gauge the interest of fans.



I was able to get a translation of this post.

Notice about YueZheng Longya’s voicebank not being confirmed:

There are a lot of news and information about YueZheng Longya’s voicebank, the source is from me answering the question about Longya’s voicebank in a private conversation. And as the news keeps spreading , things are starting to turn a little bit distinctive from the real situation we are having here. It’s true that YueZheng Longya’s voicebank is now in the planning stage, however we are not sure it will turn out exactly like what we want it to be. Just like everyone else, our team is eager to see the first Male Chinese Vocaloid voicebank to be born in this world.

Right now, we submitted our proposal, but our fund investors are still having doubts on the popularity of YueZheng Longya, he had less fans and less fan creations, and from the perspective of the businessman, the investors are more concerned about if he will make a profit in the future. So after the discussion with our team, we decide to make an investigation on Weibo about his popularity as to prove to our investors of his possibilities.

VSinger’s team hopes to communicate with our fans in a more efficient and open attitude, so we can fight for the future of the Vocaloid family together. In this investigation of popularity, the possibility of YueZheng Longya’s voicebank will depend on you! The possibility of Mr. V’s stronghold on his position with the investors will depend on you!

100k shares of this Weibo post is needed before 30th of August! Come on everyone!

Mr. V

If you would like to show your support, you can go to the following Weibo post and share it! (Weibo account required.)

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