Quadimension Live Tour Official Album Available For Pre-order

We had previously announced an upcoming album for Stardust among all of her live news. We have some good news for those who have been waiting for the album! It is now available for pre-order on Taobao. The album title this time around is pretty straight forward, titled “Quadimension Live Tour Official Album” in preparation for their upcoming live concert on December 30th.


  1. 夏末恋爱 (Love at  the End of Summer)
  2. 头痛欲裂 (Headache)
  3. 流光 (Flowing Light)
  4. Ame
  5. 悲 -sorrow-
  6. 尘降 (Dust Landing)
  7. 桃仙姑 (Peach Fairy)
  8. 海风以南 (South of the Sea Winds)
  9.  痴人梦话 (Daydream of Idiots)
  10. Signal Scream
  12. 忧 -blue-
  13. D!sappear
  14. 染殇 (Macerated Sorrow)



[bilibili src=13267565]


You can pre-order the album here.

There are several tiers to purchasing the album as shown below:

  • Album Tier: ¥60 RMB ($9 USD)
    • Quadimension Live Tour Official Album CD
    • 20-page booklet
    • 90g transparent album case

  • Package Tier: ¥100 RMB ($15 USD)
    • Album Tier
    • art book
    • Postcard x5
    • PVC bookmark x3

  • Luxury Package: ¥130 RMB ($20 USD)
    • Package Tier
    • Badge x2
    • Hand fan x1
    • A4 PP folder x1
    • Stardust metal pendant

  • Special Limited Edition (Limited to 2,000): ¥160 RMB ($24 USD)
    • Luxury Package
      • Custom metal box packaging
  • Preorder bonus including paper bag (only for luxury package and package tier) as well as postcards (all packages). Order before September 15th in order to receive these!

 If any of the above interest you, you can purchase the album here.


A new song has just been uploaded to their YouTube channel as well!



Quadimension’s Official Website

Official Weibo

Official Twitter

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