Snow Miku Sky Town Vol. 2 is Open for a Limited Time!

Snow Miku’s Sky Town branch will be opening for just 4 days starting July 25th!

Thanks to the efforts of NewDays’ collaboration with Crypton, a second run of the Sky Town in mid summer has been announced, to our pleasant surprise!

Entry and Ticket Information

Now according to the official Miku Blog, the limited opening will feature new merchandise for people to purchase. Not only that, but Sky Town will be held in a venue that has a Snow Miku museum, theater, and a cafe for customers to enjoy.

Currently, special tickets are available to win online and will be used at the JR Ikebukuro Station. Otherwise, entry to Sky Town is completely free!

It should be noted that the lottery web tickets are optional, which are solely for individuals who get the opportunity to come in at an exclusive time.

Essentially, the lottery web tickets allows Hatsune Miku fans to come in at a different time each day. The tickets, which are won by chance, include a limited number of winners that will get early access to Sky Town!

Web ticket entries for customers last between 60 and 90 minute slots in the mornings and afternoons during those four days.

On the other hand, free admission for everyone goes for multiple hours each afternoon and evening! There are plenty of opportunities for all of Miku’s fans to enjoy the Sky Town experience.

New Merchandise

Along with the surprise return of Sky Town, there is also new merchandise that has been announced for release!

First, new t-shirts are up for purchase. The designs come thanks to the NewDays x Hatsune Miku collaboration.

Featured are two graphics of the NewDays Miku uniform, and a third graphic of Hatsune Miku illustrated by KEI.

The graphic tees are priced at 7,000 JPY each, including tax!

Additionally, a new set of mugs, tapestries and smartphone cases are also on sale featuring the same three variant graphics!

The mugs are priced at 1,500 JPY, the tapestries at 3,000 JPY and the phone cases are 3,500 JPY.

On top of that, customers who spend 3,900 JPY or more will receive complimentary NewDays x Snow Miku fans with their purchase!

All the pictures are courtesy of Hatsune Miku Official Blog

Finally, Crypton confirms that more merchandise will be available for purchase. As of now, this includes Miku figurines, nendoroids and apparel previously seen at Sky Town.

Unfortunately, the return of Snow Miku Sky Town is only for those four days, so there’s no telling what other surprises are in store for the fans. As a result of this special limited run, it’s important to experience Sky Town while you can!

We recommend following the blog’s advice and booking a trip to Ikebukuro to find out what NewDays and Miku have in store for you!


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