Snow Miku X Torikae Boot Covers

You will soon be able to buy Snow Miku boot covers to show your love for Miku while enjoying the wintry cold and snow. The illustration is done by 栗栖 歳(Kurisu Toshi).

If you don’t think the covers will work well with your current boots, there is good news! You can also choose to buy the covers and boots as a set, that way, you can be sure that they will be a perfect fit! It also comes with a nice Snow Miku bag for you to store them when you are not wearing them.

Boot set: 19,800 JPY (tax included)

Covers only: 8,500 JPY (tax included)

Sales of both are set to begun on November 22nd, 2019 and shipments will begin in mid-December. You can make your reservations here! (Note: reservations are not open yet) Keep eye on out on Miku’s blog here for updates on when they will be open!

Source: Hatsune Miku Official Blog


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