Stardust’s Second Official Album “星语 Star Whisper” Open for Pre-order!

It has been almost a year since the release of the first Stardust album 星愿 (Star Wish) and now the second album is going to be released shortly! On January 13th, the album title and cover were revealed, and we now also have the tracklist and crossfade.

星语 (Star Whisper) cover. Illustration by 藤ちょこ.

The artwork for the cover of the second album 星语 (Star Whisper) was illustrated by 藤ちょこ. It was also used as a placeholder for Stardust’s second official cover art in the announcement of the official art book. Since we see this picture being used for the album now, we can guess that the art book cover will be revealed soon. In addition to the album cover, the songs and producers of the album have been revealed.

  1. CHU~CHU~CHU~/小野道 & 冥凰
  2. 空想世界的某一天/天钦 & 和田野
  3. 地球毁灭的那一刻/Kide & 冥凰
  4. 间隙/战场原妖精 & 浓缩排骨
  5. 六月的明天/桂子油 & 琉璃菌
  6. D!SCOLOЯ/Zero
  7. 每当有流星划过夜空/Ddickky & 天钦
  8. 生死一舞的爱语/MeLo & 绿邪



You can pre-order the album here.

There are several tiers to purchasing the album as shown below:

  • Album Tier: ¥50 RMB ($9.50 USD)
    • 星语 (Star Whisper) CD
    • 20-page booklet
    • 90g transparent album case
  • Package Tier: ¥90 RMB ($17 USD)
    • Album Tier
    • Album with art book
  • Luxury Package: ¥120 RMB ($23 USD)
    • Package Tier
    • Postcard x9
    • PVC bookmark x5
    • A4 PP folder
    • Stardust unicorn version metal pendant
  • Special Limited Edition (Limited to 2,000): ¥150 RMB ($28.50 USD)
    • Luxury Package
      • Custom metal box packaging
    • Some sort of card with a series number. Fans who own this will have the privilege to get a ticket to the Stardust concert.
  • Pre-order Bonus: Paper bag

There will be a limited number of paper bags that are only available with the above purchases.

Shipping begins on February 28th.


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