SuperGroupies Unveils Hatsune Miku Merchandise!

Japanese fashion brand SuperGroupies revealed a line of products for pre-order featuring Hatsune Miku and friends.

Kagamine Rin, Len and Megurine Luka have joined Miku to inspire trendy new clothes and accessories. The line is notably minimalist and chic, with the goal of looking fashionable while supporting your favorite Crypton characters.

Each character has their own special products, from clothes and watches to wallets and phone cases! Let’s go through each line and see what sleek new products SuperGroupies has to offer.

The pre-orders were available between August 30th through September 17th, 2019! While they are currently unavailable, those made to order will have their products shipped in December.

We’ll keep you posted when the products become available for purchase outside of pre-orders!

SuperGroupies feat. Hatsune Miku

We’ll kick off with Hatsune Miku’s set of merchandise! SuperGroupies gave us a huge line of new products featuring the number one diva. They also noted that individuals who purchase any Hatsune Miku products will be given a free clear file! Illustrations are provided by artist Saine, courtesy of Crypton Future Media.

Now, on to the merchandise!

For handheld accessories, SuperGroupies revealed a new phone case, wallet and watch based off of Miku’s design! The simple and clean designs retain a minimal look while still retaining hints of Miku’s iconic look. Notes of blue, black and pink are etched into each design.

Another giveaway for their Miku inspiration is the “01” printed on each item; the case’s lock, wallet’s corner and at the “1 o’clock” mark on the watch, as well!

  • The phone case is priced at ¥5000 JPY (~$45 USD).
  • The wallet is priced at ¥9,800 JPY (~$90 USD).
  • The watch is priced at ¥18,000 JPY (~$165 USD).

But that’s not all they have to offer for Hatsune Miku! Further apparel includes a new hoodie, black boots and a single-strap backpack.

Like the accessories, Miku’s wearables are simple and fashionable with little hints of her design rather than having her image plastered all over.

Her name is displayed in a fancy, code-like look on her hoodie, while the boots have blue and pink rings, as well as blue thread and tags with a “01” label! Finally, the bag is mostly gray, but has unique blue zippers and a “01” in the bottom corner

The hoodie’s price starts at ¥9,800 JPY (~$90 USD)
Miku’s boots are priced at ¥15,800 JPY (~$145 USD)
Finally, the bag is priced at ¥11,800 JPY (~$110 USD)

The premium prices are well worth it for fans looking to show their love for Hatsune Miku in a more casual and cool way.

Remember, anyone who purchases Hatsune Miku-themed items will get a free clear file!

Illustrated by the artist saine!

But don’t forget, she’s not the only one with new merchandise!

SuperGroupies feat. Kagamine Rin & Len

Next up, Kagamine Rin and Len have their own line of clothes and accessories revealed!

Unlike Hatsune Miku, they do not have a new hoodie design. However, what they lack in cozy sweaters, they make up for with cute accessories!

Rin and Len were given two different phone case options; one for each character! Rin’s case is a lighter gray and features a treble clef symbol, while Len’s has a base clef and is a dark gray.

Finally, the wallet is minimal in its design, with yellow thread along the sides and the words “Electric Voice System” etched into the leather!

Both phone cases start at ¥4,800 JPY (~$45 USD)
The wallet is priced at ¥9,800 JPY (~$90 USD)

Next up, wearables! Rin and Len’s wearables feature a watch, a single-strap bag, and tennis shoes of their own!

The shoes stand out with yellow tags and thread, and a mixture of dark and light grays with white laces to really make them pop!

The bag looks more like a traditional book bag, with yellow zippers and a “02” in the bottom corner.

Last but not least, the watch has a very unique design. The watch’s band has black leather on top that is contrasted by a bright yellow interior.

Its facing is particularly interesting, in that half of it is pure black with a “02” at the “2 o’clock” mark, while the other half has a yellow geometric pattern. These accessories are perfect for showing the love to the Kagamine’s!

The tennis shoes are available at ¥9,800 JPY (~$90 USD)
The backpack starts at ¥12,800 JPY (~$120 USD)
And the watch is priced at ¥15,800 JPY (~$145 USD)

Like Miku, any Kagamine Rin or Len items purchased will earn the customer a free clear file.

Do it for the file!

Finally, let’s take a look at Megurine Luka’s merchandise.

SuperGroupies feat. Megurine Luka

Last but not least, Megurine Luka has her own line of products!

Luka’s accessories feature another phone case, wallet and a watch, as well!

Luka’s phone case has pink thread and a “03” engraved in black leather, while her wallet is a mix of black and gray with the same colorful threads and number engraving!

Meanwhile, Luka’s elegant metal watch features a facing with a darker pink accent, and a “03” set at the “3 o’clock” mark!

The phone case starts at ¥5,000 JPY (~$45 USD)
The wallet is priced at ¥9,800 JPY (~$90 USD)
And her watch is available at ¥18,000 JPY (~$165 USD)

Her last line of merchandise features wearables; a hoodie, a single-strap bag and a pair of boots!

Luka’s hoodie is black and has her name spread out in pink blocks, while her bag has pink zippers and stripes down teh side, and a “03” in the corner. Not only that, but her boots are brown and blck, with pink laces and accents of blue and pink between laces!

The hoodie’s price is set at ¥9,800 JPY (~$90 USD)
The bag is priced at $11,800 JPY (~$110 USD)
And the boots are up for ¥15,800 JPY (~$145 USD)

So, just like the other Crypton VOCALOIDs, any of Luka’s merchandise being purchased gets the customer a clear file!

Go give Luka some love!

Where to Purchase

All of these products are available to purchase on the SuperGroupies website. Click to link to access the page!

What items are you looking forward to the most? The hoodies? The watches? Or are you really in it for the clear files? Let us know in the comments!


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Check ou SuperGroupies on Twitter and their official website!

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