VNN and Virtual YouTubers?

Most of you have probably came across Virtual YouTubers over time. They have become quite a hit globally and only seem to be growing even more. There are thousands of them out there. Most of you have probably heard of many virtual YouTubers including Kizuna AI, Kaguya Luna and Nekomiya Hinata to name a few. Some of you might even be more familiar with the likes of Hime and Hina for their cover of Rettou Joutou by Giga. 


You are probably asking yourself why we are making this article? Well, let us explain just that!

Although Virtual Youtubers can be a variety of things, many of them are considered idols in which a portion of those are also singers. That brings us to our next point, VNN’s goal has always been to cover virtual singers as a whole and with the growing of Virtual YouTubers, this falls in that category.

As most of you also know, we can find the likes of IA following the route of Virtual Youtubers as well. Therefore, it is safe to say that each of these cross over in the same category to some degree. That means, that VNN hopes to bring the most to our fans in covering these as well!

What will change at VNN?

Well, nothing will really change actually. Our mission remains the same, to make a place for all thing featuring virtual singers, which mean we will still do what everyone has come to love and enjoy from us, except even more! We will have a dedicated team for Virtual YouTubers, therefore, the rest of us will be able to remain focused on what we have always been doing. And with the opening of our shop, we intend to bring everyone even more products from different companies in the near future, stay tuned!

Unfortunately, there are thousands of Virtual Youtubers out there and of course, we will never be able to cover all of them, but we will do our best to take care of what we can. Lastly, we will of course be focusing more on the Virtual YouTubers that fall under the virtual singer side of things to keep things relevant to what VNN is.

We hope that everyone will enjoy our expansion into the Virtual YouTubers world and look forward to more!

If you would like to discuss more about Virtual YouTubers, you can also find a section on our forums here.

About Monds

A virtual singer lover with a dream of connecting the world of virtual singers together through VNN. Monds is also a huge rhythm game fan/player on his spare time.