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VOCALOID Fukase’s First Album Announced

VOCALOID Fukase‘s first album was announced very recently and is now up for pre-order! “VOCALOID Fukase ~THE GREATEST HITS~” will be a compilation album featuring 13 tracks. At this moment, there are currently only ten tracks of the 13 tracks known and no album art has been released. The album will be released on March 30th.

VOCALOID Fukase Box Art
VOCALOID Fukase Box Art

Songs Included

  1. The Day I Became a Monster by Rerulili
  2. Sekai no Hajimari by Captain Mirai
  3. Alice by ATOLS
  4. Set Me Free by HSP
  5. Nayameru Shounen Nuge Shoujo by OwataP
  6. Preparation Days by Kobayashi Onyx
  7. Watashi wa Anoko no 2P Color by KNOTS
  8. Dragon of The Valley And The Sun of The Fort by Ishifuro
  9. The Open by MOL.
  10. Fight for Pride by takamatt *Plus three additional tracks

Prices and Packages

There are two packages available, standard edition and limited edition. The standard will cost 2,000 yen ($17.72 USD) while the limited edition will cost 2,750 yen ($24.36 USD). The standard edition comes with just a CD while the limited edition comes with the CD as well as a DVD that includes music videos of all 13 songs featured in the album.

You can purchase the standard edition here and the limited edition here.

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