VOCAMERICA Performers Tonio and Prima Unlocked!

Despite only having a couple hours left until the Kickstarter ends, VOCAMERICA is still going! EmpathP added two stretch goals yesterday and we’ve reached the first one! Now there’s only a little over $4,000 USD left until Bruno and Clara are unlocked. Can fans make it to the next marker in time?

Tonio and Prima Unlocked!

EmpathP set two last minute stretch goals as a special 24 hour challenge brought by the VOCAMERICA MMD model makers, YoiStyle and Akuo. The two chose two VOCALOID duos as their stretch goals: Tonio and Prima and Bruno and Clara. Tonio and Prima were unlocked at $20,000, and Bruno and Clara will be unlocked at $25,000.


Bruno and Clara

The next stretch goal is the first two Spanish VOCALOIDs. If the Kickstarter reaches $25,000 USD, Bruno and Clara will be joining the third Spanish VOCALOID, MAIKA, in the VOCAMERICA concert.

How to Donate

Fans who wish to donate can visit the Kickstarter here. The Kickstarter closes on Thursday, July 28, 2016, at 7:15 PM EDT.

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